Mr & Miss AIUWA is slated for Saturday 14th

At least 12 young students of the American International University West Africa will be battling for top spots in the 2nd edition of the institutions Mr & Miss 2015 competition scheduled for Saturday 14th Nov 2015 at the Seaview Garden Hotel.

Some of the contestants have recently, spoken to The Standard on their chances of winning the competition and what they have in store for the vulnerable ones in the society should they come out on top Saturday.    


Miracle Duru, 18 years, said of her ambitions for the vulnerable ones: “I believe I will fight for their course and help them believe in themselves and know what they want and go for it irrespective of what people say about them. I shall approach them and let them know what I am all about. 


Uju Odimegwu, 17 years, will compete under the platform, ‘Supporting less Privileged Children’.

She said: “When you look around, you see helpless children wallowing in the streets. You see them doing tough jobs that are not meant for them to do. When I see these children, I feel so sad knowing that this is not how things are supposed to be. I want to enlighten people on the plight of children. My message to children is that help is on the way.



Abel Jargo Abba, 18 years

Platform: Legalisation of marijuana

“I think marijuana is just a tree, just leaves. And it is less harmful than other legal stuff like alcohol. It is a message I am putting out there. It has been lagalised even in the US in some states. If I win, I think I will be able to put it across the minds of people that look; this thing is not what you think it is. It is not that bad. I will be able to tell them marijuana’s advantages are more than its disadvantages.

Philosophy: Live your life without people defining who you are. And oh, ignorance is bliss.  


Animashaun Gbolahan

Platform: Rape

“I want to talk about rape. And I want to say it is not only girls that get raped, boys too, as well. So this is what I would love to put light on.  

I want to say thank you to all that are supporting me and I am very glad and honoured to be a part of this competition.


Anita Tsado, 18

Platform: Poverty

“Anytime I go out there on the streets, I see children. If we do more and do better, we can actually help them. Most of them are very intelligent and they just need the right support and resources in helping the country grow.

If I win, I will try my best to enlighten people on their plight and help reduce poverty. This is what I stand for.  

Fatoumatta John, 21

I came into this competition not only to prove myself but to prove that The Gambia has talent. Also, to prove that am not only oriented but I also can showcase my talent in other areas.

If I am crowned Miss AIUWA, I will be able to show Gambian girls that even though my institution is being dominated by non-Gambians, with only 5 percent Gambians, we still can stand out and shine anywhere we are. Prove to them we are Gambians and no one can come and dominate proceedings in our country. This is the difference I want to make.    


Wilfred Prime, 21

Platform: Abortion

“I am into this competition because I want to inspire people. If people give me the opportunity, definitely I will take my chance. One difference I will be able to make is to uplift the spirit of the people. I believe it is time for people to step up and shape the future of this generation.


Meanwhile, the event organisers, Mr William Brown, director of Icon Model International and producer and trainer for the Mr & Miss AIUWA and Mr Promise Okereke, said they took delight in the students, especially international ones, for “participating and representing different ethnic groups around Africa”. This year’s event, they said, will indeed be greater and more terrific than last year.

The organisers added: “We would also like to thank our sponsors Africell, CEO Seaview Group, LG Gambia, Banjul Breweries LTD, Barcelona Fashion, and Crystal Lounge.   

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