After calendars were filled with musical events and many people already put on their party boots, musicians and event organizers were forced to call off a string of Christmas music fiestas because of the ongoing political crisis in the country.

Gambians exercised an historic franchise on December 1 but the frantic celebrations were short-lived after President Jammeh made a U-turn on his decision to concede defeat. A move many music lovers believe has spoilt their much anticipated musical shows.

Last week two popular events which took place at Brikama and Penchami respectively were not successful. ENC and ST Brikama Boyo said their shows failed due to the political situation in the country.
And to make matters worse, the highly publicized shows of Abou and Fafa, VYPA, Bennie Man, have all been cancelled till further notice.
Below are some of the press releases they sent to media houses when they confirmed that the events will no longer hold.

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