VYPA gomgom album launch postponement press release

“On behalf of me, my management and squad vypa, I hereby announce to you all that our highly anticipated GOMGOM album will be put on hold until 18 of January, that’s when we will announce our new release date depending on the political situation and we are apologizing for any inconvenience.

This decision has taken time and thought to be taken, due to the elections some of our plans couldn’t go as plan but after the results were out. We decided to go ahead due to the positive public energy.

After Yahya Jammeh rejected the results everything became shaky and we decided that it’s not fair to the Gambian people to go ahead promoting an album launch no matter how important it is to our lives when there is political instability in the nation that is affecting all of our lives. So we are putting on hold the album release until Allah guides us safely through this phase of our beloved GAMBIA’s history, then we will release a new date.
NATIONAL SAFETY, SECURITY AND STABILITY COME FIRST. Although there is no gun fights and may God forbid. The fact is the nation is not at peace. INDIVIDUAL GAINS AND NEEDS NOT BE HELD BEFORE AN ENTIRE NATION, that’s our point of view.

We are not denouncing any event that is being held within this period, they have the rights to go on! Just like we have the right to uphold the GOMGOM ALBUM RELEASE

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