BADDIBUNKA EXCLUSIVE “Superstar advises Barrow in song”

By Aminata Ceesay

One of the famous artists has released a song for the newly elected president Mr Adama Barrow. Baddibunka who is also embarking on a tour for fund raising, plans to launch some more other songs in 2017. In an interview with The Standard he revealed the reason behind the song made for the president-elect.

You have sung for Barrow, what is the content of the song?
The content of the song is not that Barrow won the election, is we the Gambians who won the election and not Barrow. So that being the case, people believe and trust him and cast their votes in his Ballot box. Therefore he needs to rule us with respect, trust. He needs to work hard and harder, let him listen to the team behind him.

But you were also closed to President Jammeh, why the U-Turn?
I am an artist. I don’t belong to anyone, I belong to myself, so where ever you call me, I am going to come and perform, I am me from Badibou.

Tell us about the projects you are working on?
Just few months back I was in Senegal and have a collaboration with Senegalese artist one like Njie, Fafa di and Jali Madi and then Assan Ndiaye. I came back home and continue embarking on the journey again, and it’s not an easy thing, as we know music is hard and everything is finance, so I need to fund it myself. With all that the project added to that is the album and also “Dabajamba sangsang” anniversary that’s 13 May, at Alliance and also some new songs.

You are working on a tour tell us the tour dates
The tour is all about fund raising. Yesterday I went to Abuko Lower Basic School and today Friday at St. Therese Lower Basic School then from there, I’m going to gather another one which is also a fund raising show because their school needs fund for excursion. From there on Sunday Fatoto, Kudang and Brikama Ba so as you can see Badiinbunka is flying high.

What should your fans expect from you?
This 2017 coming is a big thing and new thing as I went to Senegal and have some collaboration with other artists so that’s international, but then my album is also coming.

What is your take on the recent political situation in the Gambia?
My believe is there is only peace in the Gambia, so we don’t know what it takes to do war, we don’t know what it takes to pull up a ticker or to fire, or to strike. All we know is peace and unity, peaceful homeland, for the Gambia our homeland, we strive and work and pray for peace each day.

Any album launching plans?
Yes that is the ‘Kumomoi’ 12 tracks album that is coming in 2017and more are coming soon.

Who is your manager at the moment?
No manager yet at the moment.

Which studios do you work with?
I am working with shy boy entertainment, xalam studio.

‘Kebbamanata’ what is this song about?
‘Kebbamanata’ the song is all about me because it has been almost two years and I have been silent, nobody knows about Baddibunka, what I was doing, that’s the reason why I come up with ‘kebbama’ and make it a video and it’s a bomb, a hit.

Any final words?
To all the fans and friends in the Gambia what I will tell them is let them maintain the peace, love for the country, hence you say that you are a fan of Baddibunka, Baddibunka is into peace, harmony and togetherness, let’s keep calm and wait for the time of God.

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