Bakau reunion group to organize Carnival

By Aminata Ceesay

Bakau reunion group will be organizing a carnival festival to build the bond among the youth of Bakau. Some of the activities include March pass, cultural display, hunting, masquerade display, football games, wrestling contesr and beach party.

Speaking to one of the main organizers Muhammed L Boy Janneh said: “The main aim of organizing this event is to bring the youth in Bakau together; the artists, sport men, ladies to organize a cultural festival, and we want it to be an annual event, during the periods of December to January.

“The carnival will start today the 23rd December 2016 and it will last up to 7th January 2017. The carnival will further bring the youth of Bakau together in unity and work as a team and that is our main aim of organizing the carnival festival. There are many artists with their own fan base or crew, so we want to bring them together to join us and excel the unity.”
He added: “The carnival is going to be free from violence, there will be peace and stability and I don’t think any of our fans and organizers will involve in anything that will hinder the peace and stability of the event. The political situation as we speak is not stable, so we don’t want to be victims or be the main initiator of crime, what we want is to do our festival with peace and freedom as all of us here are advocating for peace.”

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