Ongoing scrutiny of the questionable Gambian Election results of December 1, 2016

I may sound like a broken record to many of my readers especially to those who because of my persistence on scrutinizing the details of the flawed election results think that I should just die and go to hell. Unfortunately for these folks resorting to all forms of unimaginable intimidation, harassment, threats and shameless-low-life activities against me, I have this to say: I don’t quit easily like that, and will stand by Babillimansa forever.

Indeed, the Independent-Electoral Commission (IEC) of the Gambia needs to be exposed in every way one can for almost plunging the peaceful Gambia into a political crisis supported by a bias and seriously ill-informed international community.

I want us to once again scrutinize the results presented by our disgraceful IEC that the world is dismissing as irrelevant to the credibility of the elections. First, let us take a moment and read the document below signed by the IEC chairman Mr. Alieu Momarr Njie where he stated the reasons for the errors in the results and why.

His argument that “Instead of adding the total number of votes polled by Adama Barrow in the Basse Administrative Area (28,102), the IEC added the total number of ballots cast for Basse Administrative Area (63, 909) to Adama Barrow’s total number of votes, thus swelling the number of votes Mr. Barrow Polled nationally” to 263,515 votes should not have at all happened in the “inalterable” Excel-spread sheet digitally perfectly laid out to tally the numbers. In other words, the digital system was meant to be so tamper-proof that any form of joggling the numbers from one column of the spread sheet to the other in violation of the results coming directly from the polling stations would have been done deliberately or fraudulently; hence compromising the entire credibility of the election process.

However, looking at the number (63, 909) that Mr. Njie claimed was mistakenly transposed, an “error repeated across for the other contesting candidates”, one could certainly see how the figures affected Mr. Barrow’s final numbers of 227, 707 votes but not that of President Jammeh’s 208, 487 votes and Mr. Mamma Kandeh’s 89, 768 votes.

Going by the IEC published spread-sheet chart copied below, if we take the final number of votes said to have been won by Mr. Barrow in the first declaration of results, 263,515 (Column 5) and subtract the 63, 909 total votes cast (column 3), we will get 199,606 remaining, which if we add the 28,102 votes (column 5), he won, his corrected total of exactly 227,707 votes makes perfect sense.

But with the statement that the error was repeated across for the other contesting candidates, one would expect the same equation applied by subtracting the 63, 909 votes from President Jammeh’s final numbers of 212,099 (column 7) and then add the 24, 490 (column 7) he got to the remainder.

Arithmetically, that should go like this: 212,099-63,909= 148,190+24,490=172,680 votes. That means President Jammeh should have indeed gotten 172, 680, right? How then in the world of mathematics did Mr. Njie use the same 63, 909 constant, transposed across to every candidate and come up with 208,487 votes for President Jammeh?

Likewise, using the same constant of 63, 909 supposedly transposed to Mr. Mamma Kandeh’s numbers with the same equation applied, one will expect Mr. Njie to subtract that number from the 102,969 votes of Mr. Kandeh and then add the remainder to the 11, 289 (column 9) he won. Which should be like this: 102,969-63,909=39,060+11,289= 50,349. Showing that Mr. Kandeh’s results should have been 50, 349 votes instead of the mysterious 89,768 votes that even Albert Einstein wouldn’t be able to reconcile numerically.

No wonder, the differences appear totally ridiculous in that Mr. Barrow lost an explainable 35, 807 votes while President Jammeh and Mr. Kandeh lost some unexplainable votes of 3,612 and 13,201 respectively. If this is not fraudulent, I don’t know what is. Take a good look at the documents below and you will see what I am talking about in the disputable Gambian General election of December 1, 2016.
President Jammeh is right, the IEC was corrupted and they sabotaged one of the otherwise most credible voting systems in Africa.

Those insisting that the Gambia President must leave tend to be pursuing their selfish and hateful desires against him that is totally unrelated to his winning or losing an election.
We always must bear in mind that tens of thousands of Gambians still strongly believe in President Jammeh and will do whatever they can to retain his leadership of the country. I am one of those tens of thousands supporting him and his government with all heart and soul.

Long live the Gambian people!
Long live the Islamic Republic of the Gambia!
Long live His Excellency Sheikh Professor Doctor Alhagie Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh, Babillimansa
Commander-in-Chief of the Armed and Security Forces,

Samsudeen Sarr
New York City

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