July 22 Vanguards in solidarity with President Jammeh

The Vanguards of the July 22 Revolution have issued statement expressing strong and unalloyed support and solidarity with President Jammeh and his stand in the current political impasse. The full statement is reproduced below:

We are the vanguards of the July 22nd revolution, being loyalists and committed to the ideologies of president Jammeh are hereby thanking President Jammeh for wanting the truth to prevail. Regarding the December 1st presidential election, we want to tell all Gambians and people instigating violence in this peaceful country, that this country has ever been peaceful and shall remind so by Allah’s wish. Frankly speaking, if we want to talk about the December 1st poll and why the President conceded defeat and and his eventual rejection of the same results, we must also be prepared to talk about the error made by the IEC and its subsequent effects as far as the human mind is concern. Imagine if the subsequent results announced by the IEC favored the APRC, what do you think was going to happen?

Fellow Gambians, we must be real and truthful to ourselves by saying what is happening in the Gambia that we have seen and stop listening to people who are not in the Gambia, some of whom have left this country for 15-20years and yet want to confuse us, when we know better what is happening on the ground.

The internal problem of the Gambia should only be resolved and addressed by the laws and people of the Gambia. Gambians home and abroad, let us put ourselves in President Jammeh’s position regarding his rejection of the result due to the abnormalities surrounding the IEC error. Will any of us not consider launching a legal challenge? The answer is emphatically YES.YES. We urge all Gambians to remain peaceful while the standoff is amicably resolved.

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