Tension at UTG

…Top brass asked to resign

There has been increasing tension at the University of The Gambia these days with respected voices in the academic field question the spending priorities of the senior management team, SMT, and now calling for heads to roll.

A statement from the Faculty and staff association of the UTG sent to all media and addressed to key stakeholders including the Chancellor, accused the SMT of failing to among other things create the necessary condition that will transform the university to a student centered and research-led university that is recognized locally and globally. They also cited poor learning conditions and incompetence of the SMT.
The statement signed by Dr Fanneh and Dr Ismaila Ceesay, secretary general and president of the UTGFSA, the staff said the senior team lacks the ability to run the institution.

UTGFSA said if they refuse to resign “on/before 1st March, 2017, the University of The Gambia Faculty and Staff Association (UTGFSA) will implement a sit down strike with effect from the beginning of next semester. This action will involve all Faculty, Admin staff and Auxiliary staff at the different schools within the university who are members of the UTGFSA.”

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