The APRC party: unanswered questions

Last week, a friend of mine, perhaps overzealous about our fledgling democracy proclaimed that the APRC party should be banned from politics in the Gambia just as they banned all political parties after the July 22 misguided revolution. I responded that that would be undemocratic as we have no cause/bases/reason to do that. I added that because we wanted a democratic dispensation, we would need a strong opposition in the National Assembly.

Now, I am afraid that I might have been mistaken, and that even if we did not take the somewhat extreme measure of banning the APRC, we should at least ban some key players of that devilish party. At the time, I thought that the new government will swiftly constitute a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission which would have damaged the little confidence Gambians have for the APRC. But for whatever reason, the government has still not constituted such a vital Commission.

As a result, a sense of absolution has wrapped the members of the APRC and some of their key elements now have the audacity to try to occupy our public space. People like Yankuba Kolley and Seedy SK Njie are now peddling every type of allegation against the government of Chief Servant Adama Barrow. They have gone to the extent of accusing this government of tribalism. What a ridiculous thing to say! My Comrade Madi Jobarteh has written ordering APRC to Shut Up!…

They now want to capitalize on the seeming fragmentation of the Coalition to pounce and garner support and make a grand political come back in the National Assembly Elections. May God forbid!!!

The APRC is dyed in the hues of Yahya Jammeh, their so-called Sheikh Baabili Manda MMB. These people were tacit enablers of Yahya Jammeh. When you are in a party being accused on a daily basis of Human Rights violations, abuse of power, disappearances, killings and weapons trade, the least you can do is have a rethink of your loyalties. But no, these people were diehard Yahya Jammeh supporters and as such, they cannot be absolved of the crimes he is being accused of today. Whenever there was an allegation of a violation of Human Rights, or a violation of the Constitution, it was never Yahya Jammeh who came to defend his actions. He considered himself far above coming to explain himself. So, it was always one of these APRC supporters who came and explained away whatever it was he was being accused of.

The APRC members of Parliament for instance, passed every type of law that was intended to entrench Yahya Jammeh so he can go on torturing Gambians. When our schoolchildren were killed in our streets, they hurried and passed a bill to shield the killers from the law. Is that not giving them and others a blanket ticket to kill and plunder? How then can these people be considered innocent?

When Dictator Yahya Jammeh sought to subvert our will after the December Election, these people passed a bill to extend the life of parliament and presidency, even though they were fully aware that his refusal to step down was costing the country millions, if not billions of dalasis and loss of revenue; and that 45 000 Gambians had fled the country, and a further 100 000 internally displaced. They called this ‘a state of public emergency’. These people supported in his defiance until international troops had to be deployed into our hitherto peaceful country. How can these people be allowed to come and campaign in this country so that they may have a majority in the National Assembly? If we allow that to happen, all our efforts would have been for nothing.

So, I say, ban the key people in the APRC based on their illegal support of one man to the detriment of the whole Gambia. The following should be banned from politics in the Gambia until such a time that the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission has been constituted and done its work. Yahya Jammeh, Isatou Njie Saidy, Yankuba Kolley, Seedy SK Njie, Malick Jones and any other person who has contributed to the impasse.

Musa Bah (Tha Scribbler) is a full-time teacher at Nusrat Senior Secondary School where he teaches English Language and Islamic Studies. His sole hobby is reading and writing. He has read hundreds of novels of all kinds. Bah is also the author of Bechek, The Midnight Call and The Sledgehammer.

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