My reply to a malicious internet article

I was very flabbergasted, perturbed and provoked beyond all human endurance, when on Thursday 9th March 2017, Mr. Lamin Jarjue, one of my former L.L.B. students of The Faculty Of Law of The University Of The Gambia (U.T.G.), now a junior State Counsel at The Attorney General’s Chambers & Ministry Of Justice, read out to me from his laptop, a very sinister or diabolical internet article, that was published by someone, who deceitfully claimed to be “an anonymous U.T.G Student”. The sinister internet article, was posted on 8th March 2017. If he/she is arrested by the Police, and it is discovered, that he/she is not what he/she has deceitfully claimed to be in the malicious Internet Article, then he/she can rightly be Charged with the heinous Criminal Offence of:-IMPERSONATING A U.T.G. ENVIRONMENTAL LAW STUDENT OF DR. HENRY D.R. CARROL (M.R.G.) CONTRARY TO THE CRIMINAL CODE ACT OF THE GAMBIA – COUNT 1. Other witnesses of this episode were:- Mr. Mansour Jobe, Ms. Ella Dougan ( both of whom are now junior State Law Attorneys at The Ministry Of Justice and my former Law Students) and Ms. Bafou Jeng, also a  State Counsel and my Learned Junior, at the aforesaid State Law Office. It was all a Mount Kilimanjaro of malicious lies and insults, by a supposed chicken-hearted, jealous, cowardly and unknown sinister U.T.G. Undergraduate L.L.B student. It was also an unacceptable, monumental compendium of political lies.

The author of that wicked internet article, also had the guts and temerity to also paste on the internet, the Environmental Law Examination Paper, which I gave to my U.T.G. Environmental Law Students, at the end of this immediate past Semester. The aforesaid evil article, was a purported reply to my recently published legal article entitled:-“STRIKE OF U.T.G LECTURERS IS ILLEGAL”, which I published in two leading Gambian Newspapers on Tuesday 7th March 2017 namely:- The Daily Observer Newspaper (The first Gambian daily Newspaper) and The Standard Newspaper. Vel Primus, Vel Cum Primus( Latin i.e either the first, or among the first).

The aforesaid evil internet article, was a malicious concoction of unacceptable monumental lies, hatred, deep-rooted academic and intellectual jealousy, calculated and intended to portray me in bad light, and to maliciously destroy my dignity and impeccable integrity, which I have struggled to build over the years, since 1994, when my professional career as a qualified Lawyer started in earnest, after having successfully obtained my University Of London L.L.B. Honours Degree from Buckland University College in Oxford, U.K. as a self-sponsored L.L.B. Undergraduate Law Student and after having my Barrister-At-Law (B.L.) qualification, from The Sierra Leone Law School. Thank God my Gambian Legal Colleagues and contemporaries of the aforesaid Law School, are still alive and they are competent and compellable witnesses, who can powerfully rebut the malicious and false information in the aforesaid internet article, pertaining to my B.L. qualification. Notable among them is, Mrs. Rachel Mendy B.L, My Learned Friend and dear sister, who is now deservedly, the able President Of The Gambia Bar Association, and who with my humble self (among others), are bona fide (Latin i.e. in good faith) members of The National Council For Law Reporting (N.C.L.R.), now under the able Chairpersonship of Honourable Ms. Justice Awa Bah, a Judge Of The Gambia Court Of Appeal. The Official mandate of The N.C.L.R., is to compile Judgments from The Superior Gambian Courts, (i.e. The High Court, The Gambia Court Of Appeal and The Gambia Supreme Court), and to bring out those which it considers “publishable”, and then publish The Gambia Law Reports, which are tools of trade, of The Gambia’s Legal Fraternity. My other Gambian academic/legal colleagues or contemporaries at the aforesaid Sierra Leone Law School were:- Ms. Ida Jallow (B.L.), Mr. Musa Gassama (B.L.) and Mr. Essa Faal.(B.L.). I rose through the ranks and became The Solicitor General & Legal Secretary, at The Attorney General’s Chambers & Ministry Of Justice, (i.e. The Deputy Chief Legal Adviser Of The Gambia Government), and by the grace of God Almighty, I am now a Solicitor General Emeritus Of The Gambia.

The aforesaid clandestine, cowardly, jealous and sinister author, who in short acted mala fide (Latin i.e. in bad faith), detested my hard earned academic title of “Senior Oxford – Trained Lawyer”, because he/she is so academically and intellectually naïve and simplistic, so that he/she cannot even distinguish between, “An Oxford University – Trained Lawyer” and “An Oxford- Trained Lawyer”. The first academic/professional nomenclature simply means, a Lawyer who studied Law at Oxford University in The U.K.  The second academic / intellectual nomenclature simply means, a Lawyer who has studied Law in any University in the World renowned academic City of Oxford, which is indeed “A Citadel Of Learning”. I in fact studied Law at Buckland University College, which is situated in the heart or centre of Oxford City in The U.K. Quic Quid plantatur solo solo cedit (Latin i.e. what is attached to the land goes with the land). When I was being called to The Gambian Bar in 1994, the then interesting Secretary of The Gambia Bar Association (G.B.A.), Ms. Aminata Coker (a first cousin of my good friend, Mr. Haffis Coker), attempted to pressurize me, not to ever use the title-“Oxford – Trained Lawyer” again. But I blatantly refused to do so, because that would be an alleged violation of my “right to academic freedom”. By that time, Mr Fafa Edrissa Mbai (Senior), (C.R.G.), was the Honourable Attorney General & Minister Of Justice, for the second time.

As I always tell my U.T.G. Undergraduate Law Students, in order to inspire them, my late beloved Paternal Grand Uncle, The Honourable Mr Wilfred Davidson Carrol (B.A. Hons. Oxford, B.C.L. Oxford, M.A. Oxford B.L. U.K. ), who was also an Honourable Member of Gambia’s Legislative Council during The Colonial Era, was the second Gambian “Oxford University – Trained Lawyer”. He was granted admission in 1920 and on 17th November 1924, he was called to The U.K. Bar as an Honourable Barrister – At – Law (B.L.) at The Honourable Society Of The Inner Temple, and he was the very one who single – handedly drafted The Gambia Criminal Code Act, which the present day Legal Fraternity Of The Gambia, is still using Mutatis Mutandis (Latin i.e. with the necessary changes or amendments). I am sure that the sinister and clandestine author of the said malicious internet article, will be very jealous of this cherished and God-Given Legal pedigree of mine, because he/she is pedigreeless. Other present Gambian Lawyers, who are also Senior Oxford–Trained Lawyers are :- Mr. Sheriff Marie Tambedou, the immediate past re-elected President Of The Gambia Bar Association (G.B.A.), who started is Law studies at Buckland University College in Oxford, like my humble self and Ms. Penda Dibba, a Justice Emeritus Of The High Court. The Holy Bible says:-“ Many are called, but few are chosen”. Ms. Penda Dibba, studied Law at Oxford Brooks University, around the same time, when I was also studying Law in Oxford, and we used to regularly be in touch to discuss our Law lecture notes, and Ms. Dibba’s beautiful Italian roommate, Ms. Donata, was a very good friend of mine and Ms. Dibba can corroborate this assertion. I studied Law in Oxford, from 1989 – 1993. Ms. Ida Drameh, My Learned Friend and dear Sister, is the only Gambian “Senior Cambridge University – Trained Lawyer” so far, and she inter alia holds a Master Of Laws (L.L.M.) Degree, from the aforesaid World renowned University. DR. Abdoulie Conteh, a former Vice President Of Sierra Leone, who was also called to The Gambia Bar, and was practising Law briefly in The Gambia, in Mr. Fafa E Mbai’s “ Fana Fana Chambers”,is also “a Senior Cambridge University Trained-Lawyer”.

I just cannot comprehend, why that so called aforesaid U.T.G Undergraduate anonymous student of mine, took it upon himself/herself, to lambaste and lampooned me, in his/her sinister internet article, under the malicious disguise or pretext of replying to my aforesaid legal article. He/she clearly does not have any locus standi(Latin i.e. legal standing) whatsoever, to do what he/she has maliciously done. He/she is indeed “a meddlesome interloper”, which The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary by A.S. Hornby, authoritatively define thus:-(1)“…a person who, especially for profit or personal advantage, pushes himself where he has no right…”,
(2) “….busy oneself in something without being asked to do so…”.

My aforesaid legal article, was directed at U.T.G. Lecturers, who were then on a Sit-Down Strike. Therefore the aforesaid supposed, sinister and clandestine, anonymous U.T.G. student, had no business whatsoever, in writing that rude, provocative and jealous article concerning me, which he/she maliciously posted on the internet.

By writing and publishing my aforesaid legal article, I was clearly exercising my “right of freedom of speech and expression” and my “right of academic freedom”, which are expressly guaranteed by Section 25 (1)(A) and Section 25(1)(B) respectively, of The Gambia’s 1997 Constitution. It would be sheer colossal insanity, for anybody to feel that, by insulting me clandestinely on the internet, this will discourage me from writing future academic articles. On the contrary, whenever an important issue of national concern comes up again, I will not hesitate one iota, to write and publish again in our leading national newspapers, an educative and instructive legal article Pro Bono Publico (Latin i.e. for the good of the public), and I will certainly do so “…without fear or favour, affection or ill will…”.

I have already reported this important matter to The Police Headquarters in Banjul, which indeed has a Nation-wide Official Jurisdiction, as far as Crimes which have been allegedly committed in The Gambia, are concerned. If that clandestine ill-intentioned anonymous author/U.T.G. Undergraduate Student wanted to take me on academically or intellectually, the correct fora (Latin: i.e the plural of forum), for him /her to do so, are the two aforesaid leading and reputable Gambian Newspapers, where I published my aforesaid legal article, (and his/her correct name and contact details would be obtained before publication, in case a libel Case crops up pertaining to the publication of that article. The social media, is not the correct forum for purportedly replying to my aforesaid legal article. He/she criminally used the social media to insult me, under the pretext of replying to my aforesaid legal article, foolishly hoping and believing that by doing so, he/she will never be arrested by the Police. This is indeed cowardice of the highest order. In Act 2, Scene 2, William Shakespeare, the erudite “Bard Of Avon”, in his masterpiece Play-Tragedy entitled “Julius Caesar” , wrote the following inspirational words
:- “Cowards die many times before their death,
The valiant never taste of death but once,
Of all the wonders I yet have heard,
It seems to me most strange that men should fear,
Seeing that death, a necessary end,
Will come, when it will come”.

One of my distinguished L.L.B. Environmental Law Students, who is clearly not part of this malicious conspiracy, is Honourable Mrs. Haddy Nyang-Jagne, an  Honourable Member of The Gambia’s National Assembly for The Jeshwang Constituency for The A.P.R.C. and The First President Of The E.C.O.W.A.S. Female Parliamentarians Association -E.C.O.F.E.P.A.-, ( a sister of “My Learned Friend” and my dear sister, Honourable DR. Mrs. Fatou B. Bensouda, O.R.G. the present Chief Prosecutor Of The International Criminal Court –I.C.C.), in The Hague in The Netherlands, because she is presently away in The U.S.A for medical treatment. Her husband Mr. Jagne, was asked by her, to personally give me a letter, as documentary evidence of the aforesaid assertion. I wish her a speedy recovery and God’s guidance. She indeed has the Defence of “ALIBI “in Criminal Law (i.e. the defence that someone / a suspect was at a place, different from the locus in quo, Latin i.e the scene of the Crime, at the time a Crime was allegedly committed). My U.T.G. Environmental Law class is a small class of only eight law students. Therefore for Gambian Police investigators to effectively investigate this important matter, this will not at all be a herculean task.

From the tone of the aforesaid malicious internet article, it is quite evident that this clandestine and diabolical author, was in fact aided and abetted by a member of my family, who is jealous of my humble self, perhaps because I am more educated than him/her etc. The late Jamaican veteran singer, Bob Marley, rightly said in one of his inspirational songs:-“…your best friend can be your worst enemy, and your worst enemy can be your best friend…”.How strange? but this can be very true. The Holy Bible also expresses similar sentiments thus:-“…. A man’s worst enemy, can be within his own family…”.These “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, will certainly and appropriately be punished by “The Great God Of Nations”, in the fullness of time.

In Act 1, Scene 7 of William Shakespeare’s masterpiece Play/Tragedy called “MACBETH”, he made the protagonist or the main character of the Play/Tragedy, Macbeth, to soliloquise the following words, just before he murdered the good and defenceless King Duncan, The King Of Scotland, in his sleep, in Inverness Castle, when he visited him and Mrs. Macbeth there, for the week-end:-

“…but in these cases we still have judgment here,
that we but teach bloody instructions,
which being taught return to plague the inventor,
this even-handed Justice,
commends the ingredients of our poisoned chalice,
to our own lips…”

This is called “Poetic Justice”, and it is equivalent to the famous American saying/adage:-“what goes around, comes around”.

Note:- The Author, DR. Henry D.R. Carrol. (M.R.G.), is inter alia, a Founder Senior Law Lecturer Of The Faculty Of Law Of The University Of The Gambia (U.T.G.), from 2007 to date, a Visiting Professor Of Land Law at Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science & Technology, Ghana (2012) and a Solicitor General Emeritus Of The Gambia, (from 2007 to 2009).

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