Mr President, what is the role of your press team?

Mr President, we welcome you back from what you described as a successful trip to Europe.

Local media keenly followed your meetings during your tour and we would like to remind you of a couple things which require your urgent attention.

First and foremost, it has been somewhat a déjà vu for media houses because the former president only cared about the state television and Daily Observer. Worryingly, things have started on a similar footing.

This is the second time we write an editorial telling you our concerns about the State House press. The independent press has been struggling to get information from State House, especially appointments, which could simply be solved with a press release sent to all the news outlets in the country like it is sent to GRTS.

That said, the public could have been better informed of your activities in Europe if your press team had done a good job. It is the responsibility of your press team, wherever you are, to inform your people of your activities.

What the press team should have done was to provide the local press with all the information regarding your meetings to be published and broadcast in various local news outlets.

The Standard calls on your press team, from henceforth, to share vital information with the independent press.

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