Mai breaks silence

Exactly a month today of his sacking, The Gambia’s former Interior minister has broken his silence by granting an exclusive interview to The Standard.

In a marathon interview with our senior reporter-at-large Omar Wally over the weekend at his residence, Mai Ahmad Fatty said no one has told him why he was removed and that he does not know why he has been given the sack.

He stated: “I did not do anything to the best of my knowledge that would warrant Barrow to relieve me from my responsibility. I don’t know why I was sacked; I think you should ask President Barrow that question, why I was relieved.”

However, Fatty said he knows and accepts that as a minister, he serves at the president’s pleasure and that Barrow has the authority to hire and fire a minister.

The popular lawyer and leader of the Gambia Moral Congress played a key role in the Coalition that dislodged head of state of 22 years, Yahya Jammeh, from power.

Fatty’s removal after just 282 days in office was received as bombshell news and since government has refused to give reason for his sacking, the grapevine went into overdrive with the alleged reasons for his ejection from cabinet.

One purported reason given for his dismissal was allegedly taking a bribe from the Belgian company Semlex for a government contract to print national documents. Responding to this, Fatty said he has never asked for or received a bribe in his professional work.

However, he said his sacking didn’t come as a surprise to him.

But crucially, he said contrary to what was announced, he has not been redeployed to the Foreign Service. “I want to tell you that I have not been assigned to any particular foreign responsibility,” he said.

Asked what the future portends for him, Fatty, pointedly replied, “greatness”, adding that “the best is yet to come”.

Asked whether President Barrow should serve three or five years, he declined to comment.

He called on Gambians to “stop talking and start working”, adding, “Gambians should begin to cooperate and work together and work for The Gambia. We should support the government’s agenda for development and come together to see what we can do to take the Gambia to the next level.”

He urged Gambians to support the president’s development agenda and shun tribalism, regionalism and come together as one people regardless of political affiliation and put the best interest of The Gambia forward.

Read the full transcripts of the interview on the Bantaba column of the Friday edition of The Standard.

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  1. What an answered Mr honourable this what’s a professional should do thank you so much keep it up the Gambia future only the truth shall last who laughed last laughed the best the kairo news fabricated lies against you Just to tarnish your image but it’s bundles of lies? Thank you Mr fatry long live the Gambia long live GMC.

  2. Is A lie he was sack for corruption,he have no self esteem in his potfoglio he always talk like a dictator he never think that he will be out of this position

  3. I can’t understand Gambians and the way they reasoned ? This Mai Fatty is a dubious character who lies and bluff around many things. His Life is full of lies and pretence. First, you should know he lied about being a lawyer. He never completed his course at Forabay. In fact he left in the second year due to bad performance, and was briefly in the US. He came back to The Gambia due the mid term of that weak regime and dodgingly came around with his dubious claim of being a lawyer. Some people say he forged it in Nigeria, but he himself later came out to say he did a correspondence course with one funny University. But, we all know thats Gambia, we dont put value on such serious claims. Well, it did take them long to know that the guy is a bluff when claimed to the custodian of Baba Jobe’s properties when Mr Jobe’s next in kin are all alive and kicking! He then ran foul with Jammeh for that, because we all know Baba’s properties the same as Jammeh’s. He then lied about an attempt on his Life! They wanted to arrest him, and ran he ran away to Senegal, then Ghana and to many other places in Europé including France, Germany, Sweden, and Norway solicitating support for what he claimed to be a political party. This was the party that no one knows who the executive members are except him alone, and up today, no one knows. He is a bluff!

    His comming into the coalition was accidental, because he himself never thought he would be part of it. He initially critised the idea, and even sid that his party was not part of it. president Barrow firing him is even too late! Semlex already has a history in Gambia and their licensen was witdrawned by the previous government. if they are to be given a licensen again it, must be through the due process. An immediate competitor in the loop is a Gambian Company too. Gambians open your eyes! This Mai Fatty was ready to compromise the Gambian Company by allocating them 25% of contract and 75% to that Simlex which is foreign Company! He should be fired! and thats the reason he was fired, period. Mai have spoken this and that does not say anything. He will never say he was bribed, Simlex will never say they bribed Mai to get a government contract. No Company does that. so do not expect they will be saying contrary as such.

    1. There is no even an iota of truth in what you wrote because you have given any evidence. you stated “some people said Mai forged his documents in Nigeria” that’s hear say. you also mentioned that Mai himself claim to study in one funny university, why not you state the university he named. How do you know he collected bribe because President Barrow did not mention it as the reason for his dismissal and he (Barrow) did not mention any reason either. please if you have any information about something or someone verify it, make sure you have evidence before you diffuse it. saying something about someone which is not true is sinful and a great sin for that matter.

  4. What silence? Do you expect Mai fatty to come out and say, yes I was fired because I was bribed? I dont think anything is still clear here. He knows he is a thief, and has been attempting it since during the impase when he claimed that Jammeh went away with 11million pounds without substaintiating it with facts! How did he know that? In fact there was no audit done, and up today no audit is done. So, who told him that? He was not even in office then and shows signs of dishonesty and unprofessionalism. Open your eyes my country men and stop being fools! How can you allow 3 regims to be fooling you one After the other???

  5. Mai Fatty’s integrity has come out stronger and stronger. he has proven to be the only leader in the country with guts to make things happen. He has proven what leadership is all about when all else is uncertain. He was the solid voice of reason, courage, wisdom and maturity during the impasse, and was the closest adviser to Adama Barrow, which enabled a decisive partnership from the world. He didi the action, the diplomacy and the planning. He is a hero. the history of this change shall never be completed without a chapter on Mai Fatty. No one can take that from him. He left a legacy at the Ministry of Interior and strong positive indelible impact on the minds of most Gambians. Am Ahmad Fatty, by Allah’s Grace and permission, has become a legend in Gambian politics, and those who hate to see that forged an unfortunate conspiracy to get him out. It is one step that will regretted by them for a very very long time. Rise up Fatty and the Nation is with you.

    1. Why did Fatty’s integrity become stronger? Where did he proved to be a good leader? My friend be real and lets stop creating falsehood for no reason! Mai’s first blunder was colliding with other unscruplous elements caliming that Jammeh went with millions when they was not even yet a authoritative body that was set to reveal such malpractices. Do you know what that means? Was he able to prove that? Its common knowledge Jammeh bankrupt the country, but we know why he was out at that material time saying such things. So, if you know what integrity means, you will understand what our friends out after. Go to the Ministry of Justice enquire, all the legal mess he put us into. We are not blaming him, hence his lack of proper legal training.

      Wisdom, maturity, voice of reason, courage! You are a dreamer! Do you people think you can falsify history with lies and immaginations? You kidding yourself! In case you dont know, the only voice of reason who stayed in the country to manage the imapse was Halifa Sallah. The only voice of reason whose maturity and courage gave Gambians hope and that Gambia did went on flames is Halifa Sallah. Mai, in the first place was as usual seeking a comfort zone and opportunities. Please, lets not try to falsify history. If was a closer advicer to HE, then you now see the result! No need to talk about that, The only chapter that could be right on Mai, is that he never expected he would allowed to be part of the coalition because of lack of representation, and he himself said it in the formative stages, that heis party was not informed about a coalition. Get your funny records straight.

      The truth about Fatty will be known to you journey just comes later. We wish him well, but the more you try to replace truth with falsehood the more you will expose Mai Fatty. Politics is not

  6. Known to be opportunists and cut throats;for politicians,the truth will always remain buried.They are of a dubious character.It is also important for us to know or remember that coalition costumes always end in shreds.God save GAMBIA


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