Mother threatens to commit suicide if…

By Omar Bah

Fatou Beyai, a native of Younna village, West Coast Region, has threatened to take her life if her son who is an undocumented migrant in Germany is deported.
Speaking to The Standard yesterday, Beyai in her fifties, said she sold all her belongings, including the compound she inherited from her mother to pay for her son’s trip to Europe.

“I sold everything that I have to pay for his trip to Europe in the hope that he would one day acquire a decent job to support the family. If his dreams are shattered I swear to God I will commit suicide…because I would have nothing to live for in this world again,” she lamented.
Beyai said she spent over D300,000 on her son’s trip out of which amount at least D100,000 was a loan she contracted.

“I did everything humanly possible to ensure that my son reaches Europe. I have been jailed on several occasions due to loans I took just to ensure my son reach his destination. It is disheartening after all these efforts to be told that your son is going to be deported,” she added.

“He is the only hope I have right now to repay some of my debts because I have sold everything, even some of my expensive clothes,” she added, as tears fell down her chest in agony.
She pleaded with the Coalition government to stand firm against the Germans and reject the deportation of Gambian migrants.

She said the West had tried on several occasions to put former President Jammeh under pressure to accept the deportation of Gambians, “but he refused, because he was aware of the consequences…he was not just prepared to allow Gambia to be colonised again.”

“I am a diehard UDP supporter and still support the party. And I have to say I do not regret the fact that Jammeh was defeated… but I will admit that I am beginning to regret why I voted for the Coalition,” she said.
She said it would be “disappointing” if the government were to allow Germany to start deporting Gambians.
Madam Beyai said: “I will love President Barrow to clearly tell us whether he has signed for the deportation of our sons or not… We should know and we deserve to know,” she demanded.
Meanwhile, The Gambia government has stated that it has not signed any deportation agreement with Germany.

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  1. Authdu Billahi, May Allah grant you firm iman. My mother, let us put our hope and trust on Allah. It is not former President Yahya AJJ Jammeh who cannot stop deporting us rather every nations has their laws. I hope we all can understand that. May Allah grant us document to stay here legally to pursuit our goals and objectives. Amen. But it is not up to President Adama Barrow or Yahya AJJ Jammeh to stop Western countries deporting us if we are staying illegally. I hope Gambians back home can understand that before jumping into conclusion while looking for political scorecard like this former President did this or the current President did this. German has received asylum applications and they are going to review those applications and each applications stated the applicant’s country of origin. So my mother, please let us pray for us to become legal residents in German or else rather than pointing fingers or saying you will commit suicide. President Adama Barrow and his government has done nothing to accuse them. Comparison of the former President Yahya AJJ Jammeh and the current President will not solve or make us legal in abroad here. I hope we all understand that. Thank you

    1. My mother don’t try that we believe in God always no matter what comes ok is not that the government are their to say deported them Barrow government don’t sign nothing ok

  2. Gambia and Gambians shouldn’t encounter all this when former President Yahya AJJ Jammeh haven’t stole all our money and maltreat the Gambians inhumanely. I hope we can all learn about this commission of inquiry going on right now. He onslaughter the Gambians barbaric , force all of us to exile or become asylum seekers in western countries, killed innocent people, stolen all our fund and illegal tortured people who has done nothing wrong. I hope you visit America and see his mansion in Potomac, Maryland. Former President Yahya AJJ Jammeh has being busy plundering and looting from our coffer. He even sale our citizenship to non Gambians and the pocket that money into his own personal accounts or use. So let us forget that evil monster brutal dictator Yahya AJJ Jammeh and let us not even conceiving drawing compassion between him and President Barrow. German has every rights to act upon their laws.

  3. I think it is time for The Gambians to know that Allah (S.W.a) has accepted our prayers we are looking for since the time of the former president. We all witness what he has done to us. Committing suicide is not the solution. I pray that Allah (S.W.a) prevent you from doing that. Pray for your son to get legal documents instead. Let us put our trust in Allah (S.W.a) because he said if you put your trust in him,he solve all your problems. Our lives and living expenses doesn’t belong to the western countries no does the whole world belong to them . They are human being like any one us .

  4. This is a sad story of greed overcoming common sense.

    In this case the mother allegedly spent 300,000 dalasi to send her son illegally to a country that doesn’t want him.

    He did not go for political asylum because he was in danger under the Jammeh regime.. He went, as the mother states, in search of employment.

    “I sold everything that I have to pay for his trip to Europe in the hope that he would one day acquire a decent job to support the family.”

    This would have been an illegal journey across the Sahara Desert and across the Mediterranean Sea, where thousands of migrants die each year and many more end up in Libyan jails.

    This mother loved her son so much she sent him on this perilous journey, risking his life, for no other reason that selfish greed. Clearly not from poverty.

    This mother supposedly had 200,000 dalasi to pay for the trip and borrowed 100,000 more. No-one would be loaned that sort of money if they were poor.

    If the mother had 200,000 dalasi to spare why did she not help her son set up a business here in The Gambia and help develop her own country?

    Instead she sent him to Germany, a country where THREE MILLION Germans have no jobs – that’s more than the entire population of the Gambia – and expects Germany to somehow find employment for him and pay him a “decent ” wage. Clearly he has no skills, no qualifications and has nothing to offer Germany, otherwise he could have got a visa and gone legally.

    Instead she expects Germany to feed him, house him and give him healthcare just because he turns up illegally in that country,

    And now she objects because Germany is wanting to send him home, and claims she will kill herself if he does come home. That’s strange way of showing her love for her son. How will killing herself help her son?

    ““He is the only hope I have right now to repay some of my debts because I have sold everything, even some of my expensive clothes,” she said.

    If you have only sold SOME of your expensive clothes you have not sold everything.

    In a poor country like The Gambia, where so many live in real poverty and can barely feed themselves, let alone own expensive clothes, it is sad to see stories like this where people can afford 200,000 dalasi to send their son away, hoping to get even more money.

  5. Clearly she is selfish and greedy. How can she afford such money and send her son illegally to Germany? I feel sorry for poor son but should the mum commit suicide i will not shed any tears for her.

  6. All your this comments are rubbish, this woman is right to voice her frustration. Europe belong to everyone, why Europeans are selfish and bad so much so that they criminalise Africans? We all know the truth. Let’s be honest to ourself, the world belong to everybody so as a global citizen you have the to stay anywhere.

  7. They come to Africa and leave any how they wish there. We r friendly to them , we treat them like human begins and when we in there home is the opposite they restrict u to leave as a human being they put at the tire corner. Let them not full us my African brothers and sisters, let them keep there conditional aid as a leader you should even not be proud to receive a aid base on conditions. It means we are not even sure of ourselves as African leaders, when the propose to give you aid base on exchange of human being or immigrants please. Deny those aid. Gambian or African in Germany have right to stay there as long as they don’t commit crimes like rape, drug ofences, murder but because u don’t have to be here. Who came to this world with the paper to leave here? This paper thing is hypocrisy, so let them give them paper or let them leave peacefully in Germany or another part of Europe. If any country deport a single Gambian please barrow deport one citizen of that particular country, if the deportation is not base on a guinnne reason, no deportation should be base on u don’t have paper. Who makes paper give them paper if they don’t have it.

  8. How foolish! Your son could have started a business in Gambia with D300,000 and with hard work be a success. Oh, i get it. You want to invest D300,000 so he can go to Germany and sell drugs to become rich overnight? I think that is the main objective here. We have a long way to go. Please folks, do not stop her, let her go ahead with her threats.


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