A threat to national security: A cause for concern


By Ousman Mbowe

Over the years, the world has found its head sinking in the shackles of anarchy, strife, and mass destruction of lives and properties due to the acts of very few people. Man has been endowed with the ability to reason and to make just judgement before acting. However, when people become indoctrinated, and are made to think in only one direction, without being given the chance to reason, it reverts man into an animalistic state wherein all his senses of right and wrong are overshadowed with only the instincts to execute what he is meant to believe.

Everyone today is aware of the disasters occurring in other countries throughout the world. Unfortunately, when we look at all the countries in chaos, majority are Muslim-dominant countries. Islam, which literally stands for peace, has been distorted by extremist-minded scholars who teach their followers that there is salvation in killing someone who adheres to a different belief from theirs. Innocent people have been turned into killing machines, not having the slightest regard for national security, the lives of women, children, and even men who have done nothing worth being killed for. This is all due to the false presentation of the true teachings of Islam by the Islamic scholars, who by the word of their mouth, and their acts, promote the killing of adherents to other faiths, promising salvation and paradise to the doers of those atrocities.

This reminds me of one narration of the sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) who is quoted to have said:
“By the one in whose hand is my soul, a time will surely come to people in which the killer does not know why he has killed, and the one killed does not know why he was killed.” (Sahih Muslim, 2908).
This unfortunate situation is what the world finds itself entangled into. Innocent people worldwide are being killed mercilessly without committing any crime. The ones who commit such atrocities don’t themselves know what offence those innocent souls committed for which they were killed.

This is just a quick overview of what the world is going through; a situation which has torn down developed countries, brought both the rich and the poor to their helpless knees, turned comfortable people homeless, and destroyed the peace and comfort of every nation in which such was encouraged. This is exactly what Imam Abdullah Fatty is trying to do in the Gambia, and I call upon the authorities to take the right step now before our beloved and beautiful Gambia turns into ruins and ashes due to the words and actions of hate-preacher(s) like him.

On Friday 2nd February 2018, Imam Abdullah Fatty had a radio program at Star FM Radio station (96.6fm) between the hours of 9pm to 10 ….pm. He said a very serious statement which is a very powerful spark to national instability and the threat to National Security. He said in his own words “One day, I was sitting at night and young men came to me. They said to me that at this very moment, 300 young men are seated, ready. We came to you, only to ask you to command us to attack these people (the Ahmadis). I said Abadan! Don’t do it. The young men cried! I said to them that ‘if you attack them (the Ahmadis), the game will be spoiled because it will then be between you and the government, and I will not be able to bear it; the image of Muslims and Islam will be tarnished’.”

First of all, if youth of this country chose to approach Imam Abdullah Fatty to seek permission to attack the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at simply due to difference in beliefs or more so specifically due to the fact that Ahmadis applied to the government through a legal and democratic process for a television license, it only portrays that they have either been mentored by Imam Abdullah Fatty himself to develop such ideas and thoughts, or have seen him as a potential leader or accomplice to such plans and acts.

Secondly, Imam Abdullah Fatty being someone believed to be a scholar of Islam, I was hoping to at least hear him say to the youth that Islam doesn’t allow anyone to attack another due to difference in beliefs. Rather, he said to the youth that they shouldn’t attack the Ahmadis “otherwise it will be between them and the government, and he (Imam Abdullah Fatty) will not be able to bear it”; he did not tell the youth that their intention was wrong, nor did he tell them that it is against the laws of the land, and the laws of Islam.

He only told them to stop, fearing to have problems with the government. Who knows what else he said to those youth after that! Not cautioning those youth in relation to the laws but being concerned about his personal image and status with the government, it clearly shows that he is encouraging such acts, and promoting them, but only waiting for the ripe time to act. Here is a man, clearly being a wolf in sheep clothing, pretending to the government that he has regard for the government, whereas he is only playing a game of deception. This same Imam Abdullah Fatty is the one who, in 1997, said on a pulpit that “all Ahmadis should be taken to the 22nd July Square, and slaughtered like sheep”. How can such a man be trusted by the government to be innocent of inciting such violent thoughts and ideologies in the youth of our dear motherland today?

I would like to kindly ask the authorities responsible for intelligence and security—the SIS, NIA, Police—or whoever may be responsible, to place an investigation on Imam Abdullah Fatty. I strongly advise the government to take him in for interrogation for two main things:
1) Imam Abdullah Fatty should tell the intelligence and security unit who those boys are, whose attempt is directly tantamount to the distabilisation of the peace and stability of our dear and peaceful Gambia. If these boys are left unidentified and taken into custody, their next attempt may lead to mayhem. Religious uprising don’t have happy endings either for the people or the country. The world is there for us to see and learn!


2) Imam Fatty is cooking up stories, falsely claiming that boys came to him asking for permission to attack the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at. By doing this, he is spreading into the minds and hearts of people, particularly the youth, that such attempts and actions are possible, and that they only need the permission of someone like him to carry out such acts when the right time comes.

In either situation, Imam Abdullah Fatty should be called upon by the intelligence and security units for interrogation to either identify the boys who are intending to act as rebels to the law of the State, or to take Imam Abdullah Fatty himself into custody for inciting violence and discord in this country, a big course for concern to our beloved National Security which is cherished by all.

This is the birth of religious extremism, suicide bombings, instability and the destruction of the cohesion and brotherhood of any country, and of course The Gambia. If the government doesn’t take necessary action, I tell you that whatever this country in plunged into by Imam Abdullah Fatty and his kind, it will be too late to stop or reverse, and the blood of every citizen will be on your hands for not acting when you should.
From a humble and concerned citizen!

Kindly reflect on these words:
For the Gambia, our homeland, we strive and work and pray, that all may leave in unity, freedom and peace each day. Let justice guide our actions towards the common good. And join our diverse peoples to prove man’s brotherhood. We pledge our firm allegiance, our promise we renew; keep us, great God of nations, to The Gambia ever true!

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  1. Imam Fatty and his gang pushing the Arab way of Life in Gambia are a real cause of concern. They not not a threat to Peace, but to our economy and culture. These people cannot think for themselves. They only peddle theories they are build by 11 Century Arab scholars who have no idea about Africa and Africans. They cannot defferentiate Arab culture and Islam. We should be very worried and start thing of the danger these people pose to our society. They tried it during Jammeh’s brutal regime and are trying it again.

  2. This is bullshit brother. This is just bullshit.. how can you quote the imam as saying ” abadan ( meaning never even for once) don’t do it. This will tarnished the image of Islam and Muslims” and end up labelling him as a terrorist who is about to inspire religious war. The imam just handled these youths wisely and with such great wisdom. What the imam told them is nothing but telling the youths that that notion or sentiment is bad and should not be uphold that idea and no one has the right to attack anyone base on that notion.. Anything that is Islamic will never tarnished Muslims or Islam. Only dirty unislamic things will make Muslims and Islam tarnished. The imam told them that that idea of attacking anyone will tarnish Islam Muslims and therefore is unislamic. You went onto misinterprete the imam as saying his reason for disclosing that scene was to inspired other youths to thinkof attacking others.. This is a lie from you. Infact the possible reason for the imam disclosing that event was to stop any possible idea or thought or sentiment like that from taking place. The imam is making very clear that anyone out there who is possibly thinking that way is just wrong to think that way and no one must think of anything like that and never for anyone to embark on crimes like that.” Don’t do that” is negative and the imam is just here stopping the youths from undertaking any crimes of attacking anyone.. so the imam has just stopped some few misinformed youths from sparking a very dangerous fire.
    Your very self is the the terrorist cuz your dirty mind and stupidity, thinking that you are intelligent is thus creating trouble. Honestly this is a clear dull reason and lack of intelligence after someone making himself clear and you decide to turn his clear inambigous intention and words upside down..
    May ALLAH save us from ignorant fools like u making dangerous judgements.
    For the Gambia our homeland and
    And to the Gambia ever true.

  3. Go and learn, learn and learn! Go and learn. ignorance is expensive and can cause unnessary unrest. The first revelation that came down to Prophet Muhammad was to learn. Allah did not asked him to pray or worship Him at first. The problem with Africans is that we follow bandwagons we dont understand at all.

    What is to disguise under Islam? Do you know what Islam means? Go and learn! Which supreme body? who made them supreme? For your information there is no such body in Islam, and our democracy has not yet created any act that gives any organistion such Powers you are claiming! You dont mix state and religion. If Ahmadiyyas are not Muslims, what does that have to do with anybody or any organisation? They are Citizens of The Gambia, and Allah says, there is no compulsion in deen. Know your deen and stop listening to these uneducated imams with no intellectual capital to contextualise ideologies and religion in there right context. they dont know how to deal with Ahmadiyyas, becuase they refused to do what Allah asked Muslims to do, which is to seek knowledge. Attaining those imam schools in Medina does not make one knowledgeable at all. They only train them to promote Saudi arrogance and no science at all.

    Let them do what Allah told Muslims to do, and strenghtened the examples Prophet Muhammad (PBH) left us with to learn from. Let them excercise knowledge and provide their proves to the Ahmadiyyas and encourage them to abandon their blasphemy. But again, if you are schooled and not educated, you cant know the difference. No one has a right to judge who is Muslim or not. No one can defend Islam accept Allah. Go and read the Quran. Find out how the Prophet dealt with even unbelievers.

    This so called Islamic council is just a bluff organisation set up by that criminal Jammeh with the help of its hypocrite members to supress and brutalise Gambians for the past 15-20 yrs! We know who they are and will not allow them to jeopardise the Peace and democracy Gambia is trying to build. They were part of those who helped Jammeh to destroy Gambia and Gambians. They are not educated but schooled so they know very little about the outer World. We can deal with Ahmadiyyas easily in an intelligent way, but because these uneducated fools lacks the intellectual capacity to that, they caan only resort to propagating violence and arrogance using their Saudi salafi methods to denounce anyone who is not on their side.


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