In defence of the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council’s petition against the Ahmadiyya’s TV licence application

Modou Lamin Ceesay

I am humbled to be granted the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing debate over the Ahmadiyya’s TV application saga. I write to show my support for The Supreme Islamic Council for living up to expectation by petitioning PURA not to grant the Ahmadis a licence to operate in order to avert any attempt to pollute the minds of Gambians with unfounded stories of a promised Messiah. This position of the council is consistent with its earlier declaration of Ahmadis as non Muslims, a ruling which is also in line with the rulings of renowned scholars both within and outside The Gambia.

The Ahmadiyya’s relationship with the Muslim community is predatory because they hide under the banner of Islam to undermine the purity and the sanctity of the Islamic faith. They hold beliefs which run contrary to quranic injunctions and the authentic sayings of Muhammad (SAW), the best of creation, the most accomplished of the prophets and messengers of ALLAH SWT and the seal of prophethood. They ridiculously believe that all non Ahmadis are astray and Muhammad SAW is not the seal of Prophet but Ghulam Ahmad instead. Against this backdrop among other reasons such as denying that Essa (JESUS) AS was neither killed nor crucified as mentioned in the glorious Qur’an, in Surah Nisa, chapter 4, their claim that salvation lies in following Ghulam Ahmad and their shameless misinterpretation of the verses of the holy Qur’an are few but enough reasons why Muslim scholars labeled The Ahmadis as non Muslims or unbelievers.

It is therefore the obligation of all genuine Muslims to clearly and unequivocally support our great scholars, the stalwarts of Islam, constituting The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council for their timely intervention.
I hereby call and remind all Muslims that they were Muslims before holding any position of power and reverence and when they die, nothing other their Islam shall make up their answer sheet, caution is therefore key in the execution of our duties to our creator and the nation. We will all be sinning and falling short of the glory of God when we put a so-called democracy and manmade laws ahead of our great religion. Islamic Sharia is the only Law that has stood the test of time (yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever).

I exhort my brothers and sisters in Islam and Humanity to note that for us Muslims, the QURAN is our FURQAN (the criteria to judge between right and wrong), anything contrary is ultra vires and therefore null and void. The positive future of this country lies with Islam not with a so-called illusive democracy that was parceled out to Africa as a neo-colonial weapon of war but yet the backward African is excited at its unworkable principles.
May Allah guide all Ahmadis to the right path so that they can enjoy the fragrance of paradise. Ameen.
Yours in the service of the creator, I remain.

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  1. “The Ahmadiyya’s relationship with the Muslim community is predatory because they hide under the banner of Islam to undermine the purity and the sanctity of the Islamic faith” Thats theie business! Does that make muslims a “more Citizen” of the Gambia than Ahmadiyyas? come on, please every Gambian has a right to join whatever religion they wish to join. Allah told prrophet Muhammad that there is no compulsion in relgion. Why should we go on disobeying God’s command, trying to force everyone to be what they dont wnat to be. Leave them with Allah, God for sake! Their believe has nothing to do with their citizen rights. Our these so called scholars need to develop and start to think on their own and stop plagiarising and coppying the thinking of 7th Century Arab thinkers ! Gambia is a secular state and thats make religion a private think, “between you and your God”. Havn’t we learned these? Respect your fellow citizen and give them the right that is due to them.

    1. This is bullshit.. ALLAH and Islam is supreme.. ALLAH and Islam is more important and supreme than any manmade law, supreme than any constitution and supreme than any president and supreme than any human being. Any law is secondary to islam. There is no compulsion to follow what ever religion you want to follow but yet it’s obligatory upon any Muslim especially leaders to defend Islam from any disguise in the name of Islam.. NO Muslim wil grumble about christians opening television channel. That is purely their Christianity and no disguise under Islam.. buy any disguise under Islam in the Gambia, the supreme body has that responsibility to take steps and clarify to the Muslims and especially the authority that its a disguise and not about islam. So supreme Islam council has the right to petition government that ahmadis are a disguise under Islamic banner and they should not grant them tv liscence. They are not Muslims beyond reasonable doubts. Instead ahmadis should chose a name not under the banner of Islam and should categorically make clear that they are not Muslims but something else and in doing so, no Muslim has the right to petition against granting them tv liscence..

  2. Giggi, go and learn, learn and learn! Go and learn. ignorance is expensive and can cause unnessary unrest. The first revelation that came down to Prophet Muhammad was to learn. Allah did not asked him to pray or worship Him at first. The problem with Africans is that we follow bandwagons we dont understand at all.

    What is to disguise under Islam? Do you know what Islam means? Go and learn! Which supreme body? who made them supreme? For your information there is no such body in Islam, and our democracy has not yet created any act that gives any organistion such Powers you are claiming! You dont mix state and religion. If Ahmadiyyas are not Muslims, what does that have to do with anybody or any organisation? They are Citizens of The Gambia, and Allah says, there is no compulsion in deen. Know your deen and stop listening to these uneducated imams with no intellectual capital to contextualise ideologies and religion in there right context. they dont know how to deal with Ahmadiyyas, becuase they refused to do what Allah asked Muslims to do, which is to seek knowledge. Attaining those imam schools in Medina does not make one knowledgeable at all. They only train them to promote Saudi arrogance and no science at all.

    Let them do what Allah told Muslims to do, and strenghtened the examples Prophet Muhammad (PBH) left us with to learn from. Let them excercise knowledge and provide their proves to the Ahmadiyyas and encourage them to abandon their blasphemy. But again, if you are schooled and not educated, you cant know the difference. No one has a right to judge who is Muslim or not. No one can defend Islam accept Allah. Go and read the Quran. Find out how the Prophet dealt with even unbelievers.

    This so called Islamic council is just a bluff organisation set up by that criminal Jammeh with the help of its hypocrite members to supress and brutalise Gambians for the past 15-20 yrs! We know who they are and will not allow them to jeopardise the Peace and democracy Gambia is trying to build. They were part of those who helped Jammeh to destroy Gambia and Gambians. They are not educated but schooled so they know very little about the outer World. We can deal with Ahmadiyyas easily in an intelligent way, but because these uneducated fools lacks the intellectual capacity to that, they caan only resort to propagating violence and arrogance using their Saudi salafi methods to denounce anyone who is not on their side.


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