‘Barrow will lose power if he prays with Ahmadis’

Imam Abdoulie Fatty, the outspoken former State House Imam, has said that any day that President Adama Barrow prays in an Ahmadi mosque, he will lose his power as president of The Gambia.
President Barrow usually alternates mosques every Friday since his ascension to the presidency with many believing it is a strategy to unite Gambians but according to Imam Fatty, who has been a standout speaker against the Ahmadis for the past decade, they [Muslim leaders] will campaign against Barrow any day he prays with Ahmadis.

“Everyone in this government knows Ahmadis are not Muslims because they don’t pray with them. With all his prayers in mosques around the country, have you seen Barrow praying in an Ahmadi mosque?” Imam Fatty quizzed, “We are not politicians but if he decides to do that, we will join politics. We will form a political party and choose someone against him,” he vowed.
Imam Fatty was speaking on Wednesday at the Talinding Islamic Institute where hundreds of Muslims gathered for a major Islamic conference.

A few weeks ago, the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council wrote to the Public Utility Regulatory Authority to petition against the application made by Ahmadis for a TV licence. The Islamic body claimed that if the Jama’at is given licence, they will adulterate the minds of young Muslims since they have been “declared to be outside the pale of Islam”.

The petition was met with a wave criticism from both the Ahmadis and rights activists who argued that The Gambia is a secular state which gives everyone the right to follow any religion.
The Gambia Press Union was the first pressure group that publicly condemned the Islamic body, urging PURA to dismiss their petition.

Reacting to GPU’s statement, the blunt former State House Imam urged the Union to stay silent, while lambasting Gambian journalists for taking sides.
“The role of a journalist everywhere in the world is to report what is happening and not taking sides but that is not here. The GPU should stay quiet as they were when the Ahmadis caused trouble in Salikenni.

There are journalists who specialize on politics, economics etc., where are journalists who specialize on religion? We have none. So let the GPU be quiet and leave religion to those who know it,” he warned.
Other guests included Muhammed Lamin Touray, Imam Banding Drammeh, Omar Danso, Kemo Fatty, Sedia Ceesay among others on the topic ‘The Stand of Islam on Ahmadiyya’.

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  1. This Imam Fatty and his friends should know that Jammeh’s era is a by gone and shall never happened agian in The Gambia. We want our secular state ruled on the principles of democracy and rule of law. Let them keep quite and leave government to decide what is good for its citizens. They are not what Allah odained them to do! They havn’t learned any trade or professional qualification other than trying to be the representative of the All Mighty. That position was only meant for Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him. How can this man have the audacity to talk to authority and dissregarding our democracy like this? This man was worshiping Jammeh infront of every Gambian, and today calling himself a God fearing muslim who can judge Ahmadiyyas for not being Muslims! Is he appoint by God judge who is what and who is not?

    1. Wasn’t it this Imam fatty that sworn to Gambians who against Yaya Jammeh in Mecca. The same fatty was thrown out of state house by Yaya Jammeh when he stole from the dollars that Jammeh gave him for Zakir Naik when he visited Gambia. The SIC should be dissolved, they followed and sang phrases to a Jahil president who was never a Muslim and they knew. Fatty is not Gambian, deport him to Bissau were he came from. Hypocrisy at its best.

  2. Democracy is very good. Abdoulie fatty would have been at war with mosquitoes at bamba dinka by such an attack on president. Who are you to tell president where and where not to pray?
    Gambians open your eyes and banish this man to wherever he comes from

    God bless Gambia

  3. You are right. He could have been bullied and tortured to death in jammeh regime for that nonsense of his.

    Lets all pray for peace and maintain peace in our very lovely and beautiful country where Islamic Hypocrites are about to destroy.

  4. Gambia nice where the president can be threaten and nothing come out of it. wish it was jammeh and abdoulie fatty said the same thing and go away with it.

  5. The likes of Imam Fatty are a danger to the very existence of the Gambia. Religion and politics is a toxic mixture. We need prayers and a stubborn against bigots and misogynists using religion as a smoke screen to achieve their selfish agenda. Having witnessed the man’s hypocrisy for 22 years I will never be amazed at how low he and his cohorts will be willing to pull our country into chaos.

  6. Because of lack of knowledge my people perished. What Imam Fatty needs is to go seek for knowledge. He read the holy Quran and the Hadith of the Holy Prophet of Islam but unfortunately he has not been able to be blessed with the wisdom of the Quran and the Hadith.
    Let me end with this simple question. Did he agree that the Holy Prophet of Islam prophesied that Islam will be divided into 73 sects? And according to the Hadith ONE out of the 73 sect is bound for heaven. Is he and his pay masters, the so call muslims fighting to eradicate the Ahmadiyya Muslims which by Allah it can never happen wants to term the Holy Prophet as what? If, they should have succeeded and other sects they consider khafirs well. What evidence would have been left to prove the fulfilment of the prophesy of the Holy Prophet, (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)
    If their wish is granted as ignorant as they are, what will the opponents of Islam would declared the the Holy Prophet of Islam?
    Does he and pay masters has for a moment reflect on their actions?
    Imam Fatty his cohorts and their pay masters are the ones Quran. …. referred to saying “They are deaf, dumb, and blind and in their hearts is a desease and Allah will increase them their desease”. May Allah guide those who seek to know Allah and His holy Prophet of Islam. Ameen!

  7. There should be separation of state from the church. Most so called Muslim ulama are leading muslims astray and into hell fire with their bigotry.

    These ulama have reduced the status of the Holy Prophet of Islam (saw) by saying no one among his ulama can rise to the state of a subordinate prophet even though Allah Almighty granted followers of Hadhrat Musa (on whom be peace ) the status of prophethood , a long chain including Jesus Christ (on whom be peace ).

    Hadhrat Ali (ra) was called Khatamul Auliya (best of all the saints ) and Hadhrat Abass (ra) was called Khatamul Muhajiruun (best of all the migrants). However several Saints and migrants came after them.
    How come it becomes a crime for Ahmadies to say Holy Prophet (saw) is Khatama Nabiyeen as last prophet in terms of rank or status BUT not last in terms of time?

    If these twisted ulama still believe Khatama Nabiyeen as last in terms of time then what’s the status of Jesus when he comes again? Will Jesus not be the last? Think twice misguided ulama.

  8. Mr fatty what you said is not true you can’t take barrow out of office if he pray with ahmadians. Ahmadians built schools and a hospital no body said anything. I mean this is hypocrisy.
    How many year you were with jammeh doing rubbish with our religion?

  9. there is no such body in Islam, and our democracy has not yet created any act that gives any organistion such Powers you are claiming! You dont mix state and religion. If Ahmadiyyas are not Muslims, what does that have to do with anybody or any organisation? They are Citizens of The Gambia, and Allah says, there is no compulsion in deen. Know your deen and stop listening to these uneducated imams with no intellectual capital to contextualise ideologies and religion in there right context. they dont know how to deal with Ahmadiyyas, becuase they refused to do what Allah asked Muslims to do, which is to seek knowledge. Attaining those imam schools in Medina does not make one knowledgeable at all. They only train them to promote Saudi arrogance and no science at all.

    Let them do what Allah told Muslims to do, and strenghtened the examples Prophet Muhammad (PBH) left us with to learn from. Let them excercise knowledge and provide their proves to the Ahmadiyyas and encourage them to abandon their blasphemy. But again, if you are schooled and not educated, you cant know the difference. No one has a right to judge who is Muslim or not. No one can defend Islam accept Allah. Go and read the Quran. Find out how the Prophet dealt with even unbelievers.

    This so called Islamic council is just a bluff organisation set up by that criminal Jammeh with the help of its hypocrite members to supress and brutalise Gambians for the past 15-20 yrs! We know who they are and will not allow them to jeopardise the Peace and democracy Gambia is trying to build. They were part of those who helped Jammeh to destroy Gambia and Gambians. They are not educated but schooled so they know very little about the outer World. We can deal with Ahmadiyyas easily in an intelligent way, but because these uneducated fools lacks the intellectual capacity to that, they caan only resort to propagating violence and arrogance using their Saudi salafi methods to denounce anyone who is not on their side.

  10. Imam Fatty should keep quite. As a clan from Fatty Kunda, he should be ashamed to show his head in any public appearance. Is it not Imam Fatty who was going to musical show with Jammeh, watching women wrestling games. I know if you are dignify people, all of you at the council will resign because of your single sidelines in the former regime. You people put big same on the whole Islamic uma. Are you not the one prophesying Yaya Jammeh, even after knowing he kill people with impunity until he chick out out because of your corruption behavior.
    Let me make this clear , this new freedom was not given to us by Barrow and you foolish coward who was calming being an Opposition NaFigYa. You tel us more lies here by also calming to be one of us (GAMBIAN) while not. Please be ready to testify for and try and repent now before late. The weakness amount Muslim scholars are the one who want to be near the rulers. They can turn in to monsters as you was before.

    This people are using Education as their weapon. Stop building Mosque now and invest now in Education which is key to any religions propaganda, or you venture in to mosque because of it profit.

  11. When is the commision going to call the Islamic council to answer to there financial mal-practices just as in the case of the office of the first lady, Jammeh Foundation for Peace and other illegal organisations set up by Jammeh just to steal from or maltreat Gambians? The supreme Islamic Council is an act of parliament and yet financed with state Money! They should also anser to the commision .

  12. May Allah continue to guide and protect you from the ignorant. Ameen. Well said Oustas Fatty and let us wait for the outcome. May Allah guide us all to the straight path and grant us good ending. Ameen.


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