‘Get Paul Put back’

The Federation of Kenya Football (FK) has confirmed the resignation of Paul Put from the position of the Head Coach of the national team, the Harambee Stars.

Put, who was appointed last year and guided the team to the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup triumph, has cited personal reasons for his decision.

Meanwhile Gambians who remember the good old days of Paul Put as coach of the Scorpions yesterday called on GFF and the Gambia government to rehire the coach for the Scorpions. “The Gambia has no coach at the mement and government and the GFF should rush to get him before he goes somewhere else,” one commentator said.

Another one said Paul Put managed the Scorpions better than any coach in recent times and government should consider engaging him as soon as possible to come back.

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  1. Lets take ownership and be responsible dignified human beingns for own destinity. Our mind set must change If we want to a sustainable development in what ever we embargo on as Gambians and African in general

  2. TRUE. Just to add to that. Our players are spoiled and have no love for country period. It does not matter who the coach is if they do not have the courage to go to battle for their country. When they see a white man they should more respect and think that all he tells the is gospel. Bring Sang or Bonu or any Gambia coach and the reverse happens. The way they pick player is an other issue. Please pick someone who is willing to do all it takes to win even if it means death on the field. They must play whole heartedly as a team then they will start to win.

  3. Suratul Baqara verse : · Edit

    Thanks Biri Biri. Thats the truth. Is the mind set of our people thats troubling. We must clear that and encourage our own to work for the interest of the country. There are a lot of coaches who can deliver. Take coach Jarra of the Arm Forces for example, he is not only a football enthusiast, but a highly educated chap in management from Norway and UK with coaching skills. Our other brothers, Sang, Bonu and many more with long history of coaching and national team experience would make an excellent team to take football in The Gambia to another level. We must believe in our selves and create the required team work that can help our stars to play whole heartedly for The nation! We have the players with skills, we have the technicians and management human resources. So lets start to look at home and lift right people for the job.


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