Matthew Jallow, a prominent Gambian activist and long term resident of the USA, has said that the Gambia Government has no choice over the recent deportation of undocumented Gambians from the US.
In a Facebook write-up shared with The Standard, Jallow explained that many Gambians who overstayed their visas or were denied asylum in the US, were ordered deported by judges across the US.
However in the past, Mr Jallow went on, Gambian authorities refused to confirm the Gambian citizenships of those on deportation orders.

“With the arrival of Donald Trump, the US government banned all US visa issuance to Gambia and Gambians intending to travel to the US unless Gambia receives citizens forced out of the USA.
“The challenge for the Gambia government is continue to refuse accepting Gambian deportees and thereby deny other Gambians a chance to travel to the US for studies, business, family visits or simply as tourists. If anyone has an easy fix to this dilemma other than do what our government is doing, I’ll call them genius. So, let’s hear about your ideas and ways out of this diplomatic jam. But having said that, I must also emphasize that across the Atlantic in Europe, the deportations are tied to grants amounting to millions of dollars to help resettle, train and create opportunities for deportees,” he said.

He added: “My advice to the government is to be completely transparent and honor the purpose for which these grants were made; create opportunities and stem the tide of mass immigration to Europe. Yahya Jammeh too received such grants from Europe, but he squandered all those millions of dollars on himself.”
Meanwhile the press officer at MOFA Saikou Ceesay confirmed that some 36 Gambian deportees arrived in Banjul. He added that government was obliged to issue emergency certificates for those with expired Gambian passports.

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  1. Sometimes you wonder on whose payroll is uncle Mathew Jallow. Uncle, you bungled this one. The travel embargo was imposed during the time of president Obama. Trump inherented the embargo. That’s the first point.

    Secondly, the embargo only affected the senior government officials and not the ordinary or regular Gambian wanting to travel to the USA as a tourist, student etc. Please uncle, enjoy the bribe and stop misleading the public.

  2. That is thé fact, this white bastards are bribing u. You think u can fool thème? U are just fooling yourselves not thé white people. You are selling Gmbians to them because Of yourselfish intérest. But time will tell and it will all endup In jour heads. You will all be victims one day. If they dont fool u , u cant fool thèm. So is betterave for US to guard thé intérest Of Our countries not white bastard intérest.

  3. There is no explanation that can justify the government of the Gambia acceptance to the deportation of it’s citizens from the US and Europe. A responsible government protects and safeguard the welfare of it’s citizens. What are they to gain from America and Europe who deport Gambians that the former government haven’t gained and what implications will it have on our country.
    This shows the lack of concern the current government has in improving the welfare of the citizens or the lack of a sense of direction and governance.
    We (Gambia) need Divine intervention to get us a level headed leadership.

  4. A government that people of the Gambian voting for Regan silence an freedom are the one putting fire on our heads a government of self interests

  5. White people always calculate , they will never go for a deal that will not benefit thèm. They only safeguard their intérest this is why they develop, si if we wish to progress let US also See thé intérest Of Our people, they are not better Than US, for how long white people are In africa still Our ressources to build there home? So lets look at intérest thé Gambian who are hère whatever they have they take back to Gambia, so if you take all those people back home , the Gambia will lose all that money and if they Côme back, they become poorer and poorer, it will take tome to intergrate to thé société back. So it means they are weaken US. U dont think we have level headed administration to think about this. Is not easy to stay with white people especially we blacks, we know for how long i am hère. So let thé gouvernement dont sleep. Look at what is happening now , they are dragging people from class Room.


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