‘I did not regret supporting Jammeh’

By Omar Wally

Sheriff Samsudeen Sarr, a retired army captain and former deputy Gambian ambassador to the United Nations, has said he did not regret supporting former President Jammeh.
Sarr, author of Coup d’état in Gambia, the first book to catalogue Jammeh’s reign of terror, was a former fierce critic of Jammeh but made a U-turn while in exile in the US to become the international face for Jammeh.

Speaking in an interview with The Standard, Sarr said part of the reasons why he reconciled with Jammeh was that with all the years he tried going against him, he did not make impact in his fight. “The whole world loves Jammeh, even my family love him, they go to his ceremony, praise him and when I called Gambia, nobody will like to talk to me; it came to a point I forgot about the fight,” he said.
He added that he wanted to reconcile with Jammeh so he could come back home because he did not want to be in exile for the rest of his life.

“My mother, brother and my grand-mother who raised me died, I couldn’t come for their funeral,” he said.
Sarr added that he didn’t see any opposition to Jammeh that signaled his departure.
Captain Sarr however denied allegations that he said Jammeh should shoot protesters at the height of political tension in April 2016.

“What I said was demonstrations can lead to crisis and people can get killed and anybody who wants to agitate demonstration while I’m in charged, I will open fire on that person.
“I’m not that crazy, ask those who were in the army, they will tell you that if I did not help a solider, I will not hurt a solider. I have never brutalised or killed anyone. I tried to stop people killing each other; I’m not an evil person as they are portraying me to be,” he said.

Sarr who also authored 1980s popular pacesetter series ‘Meet Me In Conakry’ said the very friends who encouraged him to be very harsh on Jammeh, occasionally left him to come to the Gambia to see their parents.

“Why would I be the hero for the rest of the world when people whom I thought could have done the same thing I’m doing were not doing anything?”


Sarr was among the senior officers who unsuccessfully tried to foil the 1994 coup. He was arrested, jailed, released and reinstated in to the army but after serving for a while he was retired from the army and later went in to exile to United States.

He spent eighteen years in exile and became a strong critic of Jammeh which culminated into the writing of what was, and still considered to be the most authentic account of the Jammeh misrule. In 1988 while serving the Confederal army Sarr mistakenly shot himself with a rifle in the leg and was flown to Dakar to be patched up. Following the ousting of Jammeh, Sarr quietly returned home and is currently running a mechanic garage in Kotu.
Read the full interview on Bantaba Friday.

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  1. Nothing has changes in Gambia since dictator jammeh go to exile. And now the new Government is selling there own citizen for money just to come to Gambia .this is a disgrace to the new Government

  2. Enablers of criminal enterprise are not worthy of any serious newspaper or any credible platform, unless the papers or platforms are themselves fascist outfits.

    Listen to his self-serving excuses for supporting fascism and lawless executive vandalism that had wrecked havoc on the Gambia and Gambian so for the last 22 years! Even at the time of the spectacular collapse of Hitler-reincarnate, he was on Aljazeera with Fatou Camara and Sheriff Junior, shamelessly ranting and bowling for Jammeh and gang!

    Please let him shut up and enjoy the peace guaranteed my noble sons and daughters of the land.

  3. Sam sarr is the embodiment of the unprincipled . An opportunist at core and exactly as the adage goes “a soldier without conscience”. Just take a moment and imagine a situation in which all Gambians were to behave as he did! Then Jammeh would have been here today terrorizing the country and people.

    He is on record saying “SOLO SANDENG and co deserve their fate” and he would shoot at them had he being on the ground. No one can erase these statements and the Gambia shall be ever grateful to the galant patriot SOLO SANDENG.

  4. Sam Sarr we do not care if you regret supporting Jammeh or not. You just sold out to Jammeh. Your book was a lie and even Jammeh called you the liar of the century. Sarr you do not have galantry and you do not have honor. You are just a sell out. Pls shut up and enjoy the peace you help to deny us for the past 22 years

  5. Sam Sarr has got no credibility. He is a liar and a sycophant who will do anything to be recognised. Man of no principles, wicked sick and horrible. The dictatorship exposed this wicked and unprincipled arseholes and we must not forget.


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