OG Sallah reinstated ambassador to Saudi Arabia

Reliable sources have intimated to this paper that Omar Gibril Sallah has been reinstated as The Gambia’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia.
Recently, Sallah’s services were terminated and he was recalled and was winding up to return to Banjul. However, according to credible sources, The Government of The Gambia through the Personnel Management Office wrote to Mr Sallah within the past 48 hours reinstating him.

Mr Sallah’s reappointment came a day after a fracas involving one Mr Saikou Jarju, a first secretary at the embassy, who forcibly tried to remove a fax machine from the outgoing ambassador’s office but was prevented.

Mr Jarju reportedly directed “uncouth language” at Ambassador Sallah, telling him that he was no longer the ambassador. He allegedly threatened to “report” the ambassador to the Saudi police. Jarju, who used to be a hajj cookery supervisor, was eventually restrained and removed from the ambassador’s office by the staff.
A veteran diplomat last night told this paper that such behaviour was “unbecoming” a staffer of The Gambia’s diplomatic mission in the kingdom.

He described Ambassador Sallah as “a man of great disposition who has earned his spurs and excelled as a civil servant and a diplomat for close to half a century serving The Gambia and her people with merit and distinction at home and abroad.”

Meanwhile, Contacted for confirmation about Mr Sallah’s reappointment, the press officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saikou Ceesay, said: “The decision to recall and terminate his service has been rescinded.” He declined to elaborate.

Mr Sallah was initially appointed The Gambia’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, covering Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman and Islamic Conference in early May 2010.

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  1. Why do we have to keep appointing the same people administration after administration. It is a joke. We have to get young people with diplomatic. managerial, and leadership skills in these post. An ambassador should not be a life-time appointment. No wonder we keep getting the same results administration after administration. Gambia Change! Changeeeee! Changeee Gambia!

  2. This is the job of the fake vice president, who stole that position from Gambians. Its the same people, family and friends who continue to sit on our heads from the first republic untill now. lairs, thieves and hypocrites! Is this the change we were looking for? Gambia will never progress as long as we are not mature enough to tell our people the truth. We cannot tell our loved ones that what they are doing is corruption and a betrayal of the change Gambians voted for! Fatoumatta Tambajang has a Connection with Mr Sallah and thats what triggered this reinstatement! Fake people. She came around pretending, saying she was not interested in position, but later held us ransom because she knows how she and Mai rigged the Convention results for President Barrow, with a promised ,she is goning to Vice president.


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