Police arrest dozens in Farafenni robbery investigation

Police have raided four border villages frequented by suspected criminals making dozens of arrests over the weekend as investigations mounted into the recent Farafenni armed robbery incident.
According to a well-placed police source, the arrests came as result of exchange of intelligence between Gambian and Senegalese security forces who have joined hands to stop or trace cross-border criminals who use both sides of the border to hide after their operations from the other side.

“As part of our prompt and vigorous investigation since the robbery was reported, we shared information with Senegal and were promptly invited to see a suspect, arrested by some villages across the Senegal border. However we found the suspect, a Senegalese in a coma apparently beaten by the villagers who arrested him,” our source said.

According to our source, the police investigations are ongoing with screening of the suspects to see if they have any links with the Farafenni robbery.
On Friday, reports emerged that armed robbers have attacked a Credit Union using guns and got away in a Pick-Up where they loaded their loots in safes.
Police later recovered the vehicle and some opened safes not far from the town. It was also reported that an attempt to rob the Ecobank branch in town was foiled.

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  1. Jammeh people on the loose because their master is not giving them anymore. Criminals from the Police, Army, NIA etc is the only answer.

    1. concern muslim stop telling lies ,you said you are a muslim what prove can you bring that those arm robbery are Jammeh people on the loose because their master is not giving them anymore,better tell your sleeping president and his government to open their eyes and protect our lives and properties.

  2. The government need to prioritize the security of our country and stop wasting our money on useless travelling and cracking down on Gambians in abroad who are contributing greatly towards the development of our country.


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