CRR North UDP may petition IEC

The Standard has been reliably informed that the members of the United Democratic Party in CRR North are on the verge of petitioning the results of the recent chairperson election in the Kuntaur Area Council which the IEC declared to have been won by the Gambia Democratic Congress, GDC.
Kebba Nyancho Sanneh, who spoke to The Standard said the UDP team in the area has very solid proof that the seat was actually won by the UDP and not the GDC as announced by the IEC.

“I am not mandated to talk on behalf the UDP but as a citizen, I can confirm that there are plans to file a petition on this matter,” he told The Standard on the phone from CRR.
Sanneh said the UDP hierarchy has been informed of this and in the coming days, more details will come on the matter.
According to the IEC, the Kuntaur Area Council chairmanship was won by Saikou Jawara of the GDC who polled 6308 against UDP’s Jobarteh who polled 6265 while the NRP’s Mustapha Jobe polled 4593.

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  1. Let the results stand. UDP has won a good share of the mandates. In the spirit of pluralism, since the creditable IEC has officially declared kuntaur mandate to be won by another party, lets support the institution of IEC by holding the election results upright. UDP has now the obligation to set good examples!

  2. I think the UDP campaign team in CRR are not fit for purpose. The counting was spot counting, how can you missed the simple addition of your total votes? Like all other places all the result were known even before IEC announce the finally results. I think the UDP team in CRR North should gives us a break. I support UDP but I do not agree with your self defeating argument

  3. I am also in support of call for the result to stand simply because UDP had already won Landslide in Mayoral elections.
    Let us not believe that every single seat should be won by one particular party

  4. I don’t think the result should stand as it is, what should stand is what the majority of the voters voted for. The GDC, NRP AND UDP candidate and their representatives on the ground all knew that the UDP won and they all signed the result sheets. The IEC heads in the headquarter in Kanifing made the mesh. They acknowledge the mistake but reluctant to announced the correct result now because they already made two mistakes during the Presidential Elections and the Council Elections. The majority voted for the UDP candidate and that should stand , it does not matter whether the UDP won all the seats or not.


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