‘APRC is broke’- Regional chairman

By Omar Bah

The Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) West Coast Regional chairman, Ebrima Solo Marreh has said that the former ruling party is faced with financial constraints.
“The only constraint APRC is facing right now is funding because whatever we do now comes from our own pockets,” he told journalists at his Busumbala residence recently.

Speaking further, Mr Marreh said former President Yahya Jammeh is not giving them a single butut to run their campaign, contrary to widespread rumour that Jammeh is still sponsoring the party.
He said despite all the challenges the APRC party loyalists should remain discipline and allow the United Democratic Party to enjoy their moments of joy.
Marreh praised interim Party leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta for his efforts in uniting the supporters of the party.

He said people must accept defeat when they are clearly defeated in elections. “We at APRC will learn from our mistakes. Where there are errors, we will try to correct them and forge ahead.”
“The APRC from henceforth would be strengthening unity within ourselves and other political parties in the country,” he concluded.

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  1. Eh Eh, What happen to “Bank of Allah”? You are funding your campaign from your own pockets. Where do you think the other political parties were getting their funding from? There is no more access to state funds to finance your useless campaigns. The APRC is dead, even your narrow minded former leader, Jammeh knows this too well that’s why he is not sending you a dime. WAKE UP AND LIVE!

  2. As and old adage this just the tie not the load less than two years APRC is doomed it cannot function again your party leaders attitude has nailed the coffin of the party since 2016 is gradually fading out for eternity.


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