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The Castro they knew

Shortly after his demise was reported on the mainstream international media, the Cuban Ambassador to the country was literary flooded with outpouring of mourners. From government officials, private individuals, activists and ordinary students, Brufut figuratively became little Havana. For a vast majority of Gambian students who cut their teeth in Cuba, were in Havana during…

Saturday 30th August 8: 15 pm my cell phone rang. I picked the call. I heard a familiar voice say “Caius how are you doing?” It was Boro Suso. In our short and last conversation which lasted for, may be, three minutes Boro and I assured each other that we were doing well.

Gambia's intellectual life process embodied in Boro Suso suffered a large ground fault on its standing when he passed away on Sunday, the 30th of August, 2015. He has marital ties connected to White House Serekunda, and Dubson Street Njie in Banjul.