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Those hustling dirty teenagers you find at the car parks singing the monotonic Banjul-Banjul song may not be a bunch of outcast or thieves in disguise. They probably have had love around them;

Columns and columns of roaring sea waves shored. Each punch on the broad, bare chest of the lumped earth threatens to burst the banks of the river. If the earth was in pain, it also seemed to be gaining from the love affair with the water. The serenity of the atmosphere was, therefore, not disturbed. Not when it was 6:30 in the morning. Not when the sun was only half-awake. And, definitely, not at the touristic beach of Kairasu.

In the realm of Gambian literature, he went beyond the mundane to carve cryptic lines that did not only entice readers to swim along with him into the river of creative writing, but actually he only invited the reader to pause a while, be imaginative and philosophise…