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A few blocks away from Mr Jahumpa's office, at 19 Buckle Street, is the headquarters of the United Party, the only significant opposition force in the country. Back in what UP leaders like to think of as the “good old days”, before the vote was extended to the provinces, the UP was a major power. It still has strong support from the Wolofs in Bathurst and the surrounding Kombo, but there are simply many more Mandinkas up-river than Wolofs in Bathurst. This fact became clear in the 1963 election when the PPP won twenty-seven seats in parliament, to the UP's seven….

In the 229 engrossing pages of 'Once an Arafat Man', the story of a Palestinian named Tass Saada is told with a deeply moving touch. The book opens with the childhood experience of Tass growing up in a squalid refugee camp in Beriji, the Gaza Strip. Born in 1951, Tass and his family moved to Saudi Arabia, and then Qatar to search for opportunities.

In Change We Can Believe In, Barack Obama outlines his vision for the United States (US) and its standing in the world. The 299-page unputdownable book contains the policies and programmes that Obama had devised to win over American voters when he first threw his hat into the presidential ring in 2008, which pitted him squarely with the Republican candidate John McCain in a contest for the highest crown in the US.