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With Nyima Bah


After eight weeks of marriage and a few weeks of rumoured divorce, Gambian actress Princess Shyngle has finally broken her silence and given a detailed explanation why she decided to end her fairy tale love story with rapper Gee.

Princess has had a crush on her childhood friend Gee for a decade and, after splitting from her Senegalese boyfriend, the duo announced their marriage on social media, with Princess Shyngle displaying her diamond ring.

She even reportedly converted to Islam before the marriage.

However, barely two months after the marriage, the couple hit a rock and now Princess has revealed that the divorce papers have already been sent to The Gambia for Gee’s signature.

Harping on the reasons, Shyngle went on Instagram live saying Gee physically assaulted her and had a gun pointed at her.

The actress made this revelation after Gee went on Instagram live, accusing Princess of locking him out of their apartment after an argument, and left for New York.

Reacting to the claims, Shyngle said:

“I have been begging and pleading with you for the past 8 weeks; let’s do this peacefully, let’s go our separate ways peacefully okay. I don’t want no drama. I don’t want anything out there, I just want us to go our separate ways peacefully. I have been begging and pleading but no, you just want to be bitter and spiteful. You go on Instagram live mentioning my name saying that I have left, I locked you out of the apartment, I left am in New York. Why would you do that?  Why did you make me look like I am some whore or some bitch that just leaves her matrimonial home and goes to New York just like that? Why didn’t you tell people the truth? Why didn’t you tell them what you did, since you want to go out there and tell the world?

“Why can’t you tell them the truth like ‘hey I have fucked up, I put my hand on my woman and now she has left.  Why did your wife kick you out? Why did your wife close the door? Why not tell the world why put your hands on me? Why not tell the world how you pulled out a gun on me and how you literally cut my lip huh? Why not do that? For 8 weeks manla suturah I didn’t put anything out there, but no, you just want to be dramatic.”

And Gee replied. He denied pointing a gun at her but admitted using excessive force.

“I didn’t pull a gun out on no one, and I didn’t hit no one. I used excessive force to pull her out the balcony and covered her mouth with my hands because she was screaming for the corps, that’s all that happened

And I am seeking your forgiveness, please forgive me. I still love you and please come back home,” Gee said.

Jizzle shares photos of new five-star studio

Gambian musician Jizzle took to social media to share his latest achievement with fans and the online community.

FB IMG 1618164650175

On a recent post, the singer shared photos of him in his new immaculate five-star studio, which had gotten fans to gush over it while congratulating him.

A fan commented “congratulation Jerreh Jallow production, no more Senegal but now it’s available in The Gambia.”

Another fan commented, “keep growing star, you have already conquered the industry.”

ST donates food items to boarding schools

FB IMG 1618473323313

Gambian Afro-manding artist ST Brikama Boyo through his foundation on Wednesday embarked on a food donation to boarding schools within communities.

The rapper wrote that the gesture is done out of compassion for the vulnerable as Islam preaches goodwill.

“Ramadan is an increased compassion for your neighbors and members of communities in need of the basic necessities of life.”

He added: “My foundation prides itself with the concept that no one can do everything but everyone can do something and together we can change the world.”

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