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The guide to a sovereign republic

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By Kebba Mamburay

I understand that many do chew the bones without the help of the limbs. From the very beginning of exceptional intellectual thoughts, although there had been many, which includes farming, writing, prostitution and politics in the year BC, just to name a few. Amongst the few mentioned, though all of them are seemingly important in the eyes of all but politics exceeded them all in our current generation.

A country like The Gambia where politics died in the regime of the now exiled former president Yahya Jammeh, who ruled for 22 years and let the pen inkless. Politics got restored or resurrected by the political figure heads like Ousainou Darboe, Sidia Jatta, Omar Jallow and most especially Halifa Sallah respectively, who is the fountain-head of Gambian politics from the past years to date.

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Halifa is a renowned politician in the Gambia who in all ways graduates the political system as to the mode of politics from a poor level to an extraordinary level for a sovereign republic which makes politics in the Gambia more conducive. He is one of those that put the interest of the Gambia to guiding it through a sovereign nation to a sovereign republic before his interest first.

We understand that sovereignty is understood in jurisprudence as the full right and power of a governing body to govern itself without any interference from outside sources or bodies. In political theory, sovereignty is a substantive term designating supreme authority over polity.

For few to go by, we have a question for ourselves. If language would permit, it would be much better to refer to Halifa as ‘the guide to sovereignty’ for he conscientiously treats every Gambian equally irrespective of tribe, party, religion and ethno linguistic difference for the sake of a better Gambia.

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To meet sovereignty, we need a guide to pave us a route to a sovereign republic. Doubts and obscene thoughts have been lingering on the minds of many about him which if not cleared, could fecundate and weaken our thoughts.

I am much more delighted and honoured to take stance to perspicuously formulate the doubts beneath the sand covered by a broad-narrowed leave; Halifa does not love goat milk so much that he calls he goat uncle just to cover self perpetual interest.

Two of the key points on lecture notes of politics and democracy and sovereignty, stated that democracy and sovereign republic is based on the open flow of ideas that enable people to be as fully informed as possible. Halifa constantly educates people on politics, sovereignty and democratic processes coupled with its procedures to make sure that Gambians are aware of their political rights for a better living in a democratic community as well as a democratic nation of a sovereign republic.

The concept of politics for democracy and sovereignty is not new, for if we want to know more about politics, democracy and sovereignty we should listen to political elites like Lamin Waa Juwara, Ousainou Darboe, Omar Jallow and Halifa Sallah exceptionally well.

Halifa from the past years has been instilling political awareness in the minds of many especially the youths. The other point stated that, democracy and sovereignty involves the use of critical reflection and analysis to evaluate ideas, problems and policies.

Sallah and many of his kind are known to many that if not covered with the cloak of importance, political, tribal and ethno linguistic differences would adhere to their intellectual ideas to solving the political problems, differences, misunderstandings as well as eradicating political ignorance from the minds of many. One great question underlies our thoughts is, what are we blaming Halifa for?

Although there is no being beyond perfection but do we realise there are some guided creations of God that are close to perfection? He might not be perfect to our point of view but Halifa is content, well experience and knowledgeable at what he does. By our honest and conscientious living, blames and criticisms are accepted by any great exceptional critical thinker.

Halifa succumbs and accepts blames and criticisms seldom uttered and written from the corners of our beloved nation which automatically recognises his honesty, consciousness and tolerance. Blames and criticism are to every being but blames are best referred to ones that sit back, fold their hands without contributing at least to nation development. Sallah with all his timelessness engaged in extra curricular activities to educate, lecture and nurture the minds of many especially the youths which in details will come in the next editions.


Therefore we need a genuine sense of responsibility and sincerity, patriotism, honesty, steadfastness and most importantly to rate his efforts to a level beyond our negative thoughts related to him. We have gotten to a point where we should open our eyes and uplift ourselves by nourishing and nurturing our senses by doing researching as to be cognizance of our economic, social and political rights.

He contributed immensely for the betterment of the Gambia for sovereign republic and the success of the coalition government. We ought to consider the fact that despite all what happened, Halifa remained defending the coalition in his strongest terms. I am not eulogising but stressing some point worth realising, which if not known, could discourage our excellent and sentient beings.

To truly reach the perfection of our world, we must bring an end to illiteracy and ignorance to make a better choice. Are we really cherishing and appreciating the man?

To be continued.

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