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Pap Saine (Managing Director, The Point Newspaper )

Pap Saine is the managing director and co-publisher of The Point newspaper and the dean of Reuters correspondents for West and Central Africa as well as honorary life president of The Gambia Sports Journalists Association. Born 4 October 1950, he started his career in 1970 with Radio Syd where he covered sports in English and Wolof...

Madam John Esther Audu (Nigerian Ambassador)

President Yahya Jammeh recently visited Nigeria to join celebrations marking the country's centenary. How has this helped in further cementing ties between The Gambia and Nigeria?..

Emil Touray (President, Gambia Press Union)

Emil Touray is the president of the Gambia Press Union. In this edition of Bantaba, he talks with Sainey Darboe about his union and the state of Gambian press...

Omar Sey (Ex-foreign minister, ex-head of football)

Sainey Darboe: You have made a name for yourself both in politics and sports, which of these is closer to your heart?...

Anna Bouman (Founder, Tanka Tanka Foundation)

Anna Bouman, 73, is a native of Holland who came to The Gambia for a casual holiday 18 years ago. She witnessed a man working in a tree chop off his finger with a machete by accident.

‘Useless Men’ + ‘Terrible Mothers’ =

There was an excited look on her face as she trekked the Fajara end of Kairaba Avenue, her body sluggishly moving as if half dead, a contradiction of her facial expression...

A national embarrassment, indeed

When it comes to youth football in Africa, Gambia is a role model to even better known countries in the world of football. In various categories of continental youth competitions, and even at global level, young scorpions had oftentimes surpassed expectations.. .

Grow food trees – Jammeh

President Yahya Jammeh has said his government is commitment to invest heavily in agriculture to attain the vision of food security in the Gambia by 2016. He said this on the fourth day of his Dialogue With the People's Tour in Kaur on Sunday...

The president’s dialogue with the people – a time for self evaluation

The president of the republic begins today the 'Dialogue With the People Tour'. The tour is in fulfillment of the country's constitution. The head of state is obliged to go around the country and dialogue with the people at least once every year. This is a significant democratic and development-oriented exercise. It allows the head of state and government to see firsthand the state of affairs of the country as it is.

Women cannot lead men

Dear editor,

Drug abuse and youths

Mental health is the most cardinal pillar of a decent and meaningful life. The human being is not considered worthy and valuable to himself and the world if he is mentally imbalanced. Yet unfortunately the rise of mental illness in our country is accelerating, and its prevalence is in the youthful population, which makes it the more alarming.

Why Are Many Gambians Dying Young? (Understanding the health hazards posed by street-side drug vendors)

It is mind-bothering walking in towns and cities of The Gambia and seeing street drug vendors screaming “Garabee San”, “Garabee Yaram” to unsuspecting customers. I always ask myself: are our public health officials aware of this or are they simply turning a blind eye? Selling drugs on Gambian streets is pretty much a quotidian activity. People freely walk around carrying a bunch of drugs and selling them to the public without a fear of being reprimanded by officials...

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By Omar Bah Lamin Jatta, the regional chairman of President Barrow Fan Club in Brikama, has called for the revocation of bail granted to UDP...

Political oppression will never be allowed again – Darboe

By Amadou Jadama The leader of the United Democratic Party, Ousainu Darboe has said no government or force will ever subject Gambians to political brutality...

Gambian Opposition have failed – Hamat Bah

By Omar Bah The leader of the National Reconciliation Party, Hamat Bah has accused the country's opposition parties of having an obsession with the president...

Student charged with stealing school funds to buy car

By Amadou Jadama Alagie Sanneh, a student of Bottrop Senior Secondary School is standing trial at the Magistrates court in Brikama for allegedly breaking into...

Ex-GDC PRO surfaces at Barrow’s Brikama rally

By Omar Bah Mambanyick Njie, the former Gambia Democratic Congress public relations officer, who resigned from the party in April was spotted at the President...