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Cape Verde volcano erupts

A rare eruption of Cape Verde volcano Pico do Fogo, its biggest in decades, caused the closure of the airport and evacuation of local residents, officials told state radio on Sunday.

Gambia’s high maternal mortality blamed on early marriage

The national programme officer for the United Nations Population Fund has declared that The Gambia has one of the highest maternal mortality rate in the sub-region because of an ugly trend of parents giving out their daughters in marriage early.

PDOIS statement on the supplementary budget of over one billion dalasis

By Halifa Sallah on behalf of the Central Committee

Gambians among 800 migrants rescued in Mediterranean Sea

Muhammed Janneh, a Gambian immigrant in Italy has said that Gambians are among nearly 800 migrants who have been rescued over the weekend by the Italian coastguards from boats in distress in the Mediterranean Sea.

Does socio-economic status explain the differentials in malaria parasite prevalence? Evidence from The Gambia

Malaria is commonly associated with poverty. Macro-level estimates show strong links between malaria and poverty, and increasing evidence suggests that the causal link between malaria and poverty runs in both directions.

Son to scatter mum’s ashes after 4000-mile drive

Breathtaking coastlines, scenic beauty spots and even the hallowed turf of a cherished football stadium are among the traditional final resting spots for a loved one's ashes.

Malian admits stabbing roommate to death but says he didn’t mean to kill him

A Malian national accused of murdering one Zakaria Tangara yesterday told the high court in Banjul that he did “intentionally” stab Mr Tangara to death.

Teenagers in court for rape, manslaughter

A 17-year-old boy was charged with rape by state prosecutors after they accused him of raping an underage girl.

US concerned by passage of ‘discriminatory’ law, arrests of gays

The director of the Bureau of Public Affairs at the US State Department in Washington DC, has expressed his government's concern at recent moves in The Gambia to suppress gays.


A high court judge is expected to rule this afternoon on the bail application for the former secretary general and minister for presidential affairs.

Wassadou community honours Father Flaming for clinic

Father Ahmed Flaming, an Irish national who served as missionary in the country from 1961 to 1963, was recently conferred an award of appreciation by the community of Wassadou in Foni Jarrol District for his sustained support to the developmental efforts of the community.

Foundation inaugurates D35, 000 well project in Sukuta

The charity, Al-Madinah Foundation has inaugurated a D35,000 well project in Sukuta Nema Su, Kombo North District. The project is expected to address the water needs of Nema Su community and its environs.

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