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Mr President, make your presence known

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In the previous dispensation, there used to be aloof obliviousness from the ruling government so much so that people stopped expecting any form of explanations from the government. And then when an explanation comes, it will be full of loopholes and half-truths. They were almost always economical with the truth. This made people think that the government has no respect for them.


In your government however, we expected better, we deserve better. After enduring twenty-two years of dictatorship, and after fighting an enervating battle to defenestrate the dictator, we deserve better treatment. We need to hear from you, we need to see you, we need to know that you are doing something. We need to feel your presence.

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There is a total disconnect between the government and the governed. We are groping in the dark. Take for instance, the current talk in town.


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There are different voices all talking about the Chinese Company, Golden Leaf Factory. Some information has it that what they do is to process rotten fish into fertilizer. Others say that they are engaged in fishing and exportation. I’m sure there are other versions; yet, your government is mute.


It is the responsibility of the government to assure its people that everything will be done to ensure their safety and security. Once some fear or doubt has been raised by a section of the society, the government should swiftly investigate the issue and come out and tell people what is exactly happening there.


Your government has to be proactive and be seen to be doing something. Engage the public more often and make your presence felt. Mr President, the feeling of the presence of the government can be very beneficial particularly in the area of fighting corruption and malfeasance. You must work to ensure that your government will seem to be omnipresent.


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