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Political tolerance

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The virtue of a man can be measured from his treatment of his opponents. When a man has all the cards in his hand and has the ability to do as he wills, but chooses to do the right thing, such a man could be said to be great. Only one who has a large heart is able to act with openness and tolerance.


In politics – especially where you have a multiparty democracy – tolerance of divergent views is indispensable. It is a fact that whenever there are different parties, there will be divergent and opposing views. The ability to view these opposing views objectively, is what makes a person great; for, such a person will learn new and useful lessons from every opposing standpoint.

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Political players need perfect and total detachment to be able to view everything from a completely objective stance. With this, people will be able to tolerate the opposite view knowing that the other people, have the same aim as they, and may be right after all. Thus, all parties in the Gambia must understand that the political space is as much theirs as it is for the others.


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The report that the APRC convoy was attacked in the president’s home village of Mankamang Kunda is indeed worrying. The political players must make it clear to their people (supporters and loyalists) that they have no right to prevent anyone from propagating their views. The APRC is a registered party and, like any other party, has the right to campaign and canvas for votes anywhere in the Gambia. No one should seek to muzzle their voices.


We can disagree in politics but do not have to be disagreeable. Going to the extent of attacking others is just too much. Live and let live! That should be the mantra.

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