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The toxic discourse in our body polity

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The discourse in our body polity is not getting any civiler; in fact, it is worsening as more and more people are using not only unseemly language, but language bordering on incitement.

It is important we realise that there has to be some form of responsibility and decorum when discussing issues of national importance. It will be irresponsible and very unfortunate if the country descends into chaos due to unguarded comments made on media.

Recently, someone was quoted as saying that with certain statements of some politicians, it would have warranted their beheading had it been in the time of certain leaders in early Islam. That was a very unfortunate and unguarded statement from the said individual.

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When incitement is made and no action is taken, others may take it that it is okay to do the same. This is not right; and it certainly is not democracy.

The Freedom of Speech and that of the Media in a democracy is not a license to just say anything. There should be some form of self-censorship to ensure that one does not advertently or inadvertently incite violence in a country known for its peace and stability.

Gambians must learn to agree or disagree without necessarily being disagreeable. The government has the primary responsibility to protect the citizens (all citizens) and therefore the desire to please or not displease someone or a group must not make it turn a blind eye on something that can cause chaos in the country.

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Every citizen must be vigilant and guard his/her comments to ensure that they promote peace and unity rather than cause division and strife. If someone goes beyond the limit, such a person must be cautioned to make sure that he/she does not repeat it or give a precedence for others to make it a habit.

Citizens must collectively jealously guard the peace and stability of this country so that a worthy country is bequeathed to the future generation.

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