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By Omar Bah The Spokesperson of the United Democratic Party, Almamy Fanding Taal has claimed that the formation of the Coalition 2016 was a well-calculated political plan to kill the UDP. “For me I believe those who were responsible for forming the Coalition intended to kill the UDP by reducing its power because since after the presidential election, we have observed that the party has shown in very clear terms that it is the biggest party in this country right now,” said Taal in an interview with journalists on the sidelines of the UDP regional congress in Brikama last Saturday. “I think if you are forming a Coalition you should look at the party which has the biggest number to lead and the rest to follow. If the Coalition was a party-led Coalition, President Barrow would not feel otherwise today and I believe the question journalists and Gambians in general should ask these people is why did they force President Barrow to resign from the UDP?” he charged. UDP not falling apart Reacting to rumours making the rounds that the UDP is in disarray, Mr Taal said: “This congress is a clear indication that the UDP is not falling apart. The truth is the party is moving forward and accumulating more numbers; everybody wants to join the UDP. We are not afraid of any political party in this country.” Mr Taal further posited that the UDP is guided by principles and its members are expected to adhere to those rules otherwise they will have a problem. “There are people who claimed to be UDP members and are still bringing problems here and there in the party, but next Wednesday we will have an executive meeting to show these people what our stands are and we will deal with them,” he said, referring to a group of disgruntled supporters who disrupted earlier attempts to hold the congress. President Barrow Asked whether President Barrow has expressed his desire to rejoin the party, Taal said: “I have no idea about that. I have not seen any letter written by him. All I know is some UDP supporters went to him to ask him to come back to the party; that is left to those people.”]]>

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