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Barrow rallies Coalition partners on tour

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By Lamin Cham President Barrow has managed to sail through the uncertainty that surrounded his position at the start of his campaign tour of the country. With his family of Coalition partners split into partisan pieces, many wondered what his message will be to the electorate who are faced with candidates from two or more members of the coalition parties. But the President seems to have worked out a way. He told rallies in Badibou and elsewhere that where there are more than one candidate from the parties in the Coalition, his supporters should vote for the one they think is the best for the constituency. “All what you should avoid is voting for the opposition be they independent, APRC, or GDC,” Barrow told his supporters. ”I think he has been a shrewd operator in this saga. He has shown great statesmanship. He wants to maintain his partners together. Only that the split on party lines does not help his job to keep them united for along time. Under the circumstances this is the only way he can treat this matter,” said Nuha Ceesay, a coalition supporter. Meanwhile as President Barrow continues his tour, the various parties in his Coalition are also busy touring and campaigning for their party-owned candidates. The opposition APRC, GDC and a host of independent candidates too are on the campaign trail. “I cannot wait for the results of this most interesting election. What a mix bag of individuals and characters the next assembly could be,” Ceesay said.]]>

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