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GAP disappointed with ‘Barrow’s lack of interest’ to fight corruption

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By Omar Bah

The Gambia Action Party has expressed concern over President Adama Barrow’s lack of interest in combating corruption.
“If the Gambian leader was serious in the fight against corruption, he would have created an enabling environment for fighting it. It is very difficult to win the war against corruption if the enabling environment is not there,” the party said in a statement signed by its SG, Musa Yali Batchilly.

The party said the government’s decision to ‘deliberately’ ignore Health Minister Lamin Samateh’s outcry at the National Assembly about corruption in his ministry has proved that they have no interest in fighting against corruption.
“We would have expected the government to immediately set up a panel of investigators to look into the matter. But nothing has happened. This is why we believe the country should fight impunity to ensure there is a rule of law,” the party added.

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GAP also reminded Barrow that he must address issues of unemployment and wealth creation or else “there is no way he can fight corruption. The government must endeavor to address the basic needs of its citizens.
“…and secondly, it has to be a top to bottom approach, the leaders must show an example, must also demonstrate that they are committed to fighting corruption. When you take money meant for a hospital, arms and ammunition and the rest of them, you are breaching the rule of law,” the party noted.

The party also expressed dissatisfaction over the manner Barrow “disappointed” Gambians who entrusted him with the presidency.
“We cannot understand why Barrow feels like Gambians should give him a second chance when he has nothing to show in ending the suffering of the people. Barrow’s days in office have only reminded us of Jammeh’s mis-governance and embezzlement of public funds. This has without a doubt given us all the clear-cut chance to flush him out of office in 2021,” the party stressed.

The party said despite all the goodwill from the West to curb Covid-19, the government has struggled to set a mechanism to fight the virus.
“We call on all patriotic citizens in and out The Gambia and all political parties to join hands to rescue our beloved nation. We stand by the people and for the interest of the people. We know exactly how the people of this country are suffering. We urge the government to use the D2.5 billion meant to construct roads to fight against the pandemic,” the party added.

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GAP urged all political parties to put aside their political engagements and focus on the fight against Covid-19 and urged the government to change the quarantine system in the country.

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