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‘Gov’t has nothing to do with GDC trial’

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By Omar Bah

The chairperson of the Coalition media team in the West Coast Region, Essa Dampha has denied any government interference in the ongoing trial involving militants of the opposition GDC.
Last week, the national youth mobiliser of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress in a Standard interview accused the Coalition Government of selective justice in the way they handled the post-election violence in Jimara where GDC party’s militants were dragged to court.

But speaking to The Standard over the weekend in reaction to the allegations, Dampha branded the allegation as “unfair and baseless”, saying since the Coalition Government took office they have never interfered with the country’s judicial system.
“I want to assure the GDC and all the other opposition parties that those days are gone when government will interfere with the judiciary or give directives. The Jimara case is handled by the police and the government has no hand in it,” he said.

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He said the GDC failed to give a genuine comparison among the incidents in Mankamang Kunda, Tallinding, Busumbala and that of Jimara.
“In the case of Jimara, those arrested were reported by an individual who accused them of intruding into his home…If that same person wants to pursue the case to court, what can the government do about that?” he asked.

He said opposition parties should stop putting unnecessary blames or allegations on the government.
“How can you justify the fact that the government is eyeing the parliamentary and council seats in Jimara? Did the government compete for the local government election as a Coalition?” he questioned.

On the VP’s call for Gambians to come out and welcome the president from his European trip, which MC Cham branded as another style of a dictatorial regime, Dampha said as far the government is concerned that was an expression of solidarity to their partners and the president for a job well done.
Speaking further Dampha said he will only agree with MC Cham on the need for government to come clear and to tell Gambians what they have agreed with the European Union.

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