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GYIN awards cash prizes to 10 rural youth entrepreneurs

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By Juldeh Njie

GYIN Gambia in collaboration with partners on Saturday awarded 150,000 thousand dalasi to ten deserving entrepreneurs and certificates at a Rural Youth Award 2017 in Jenoi at the agricultural Rural Farmer’s Training centre.

Gambia chapter of Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN) staged the first ever rural youth award meant to showcase talented rural youth on entrepreneurship, agribusiness and information technology and to serve as platform to promote gender equality and inclusiveness in the rural area.
This year’s theme was ‘We Need Young People in Rural Areas’ and the sub theme states ‘we need them to produce process and market the food that will feed the world’.

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“25 participants were awarded certificates from different Administrative Regions of the country which include 5 outstanding females and 5 outstanding males ranging from young farmer, entrepreneur, innovation business, innovation technology idea, commercial farmer, social media, business innovation, business partner and entrepreneur of the year”.

Speaking at the gathering, Executive director GYIN Gambia, Ambassador Mamadou Edrisa Njie said: “The occasion was also meant to identify, promote and elevate successful young women and men who, despite all odds, are channeling their creativities, energies and passion to contribute in making a change in their communities and societies”.

According to him the network is in about 110 countries and since 2012 they have been engaging youths in series of trainings to help them in their various areas.
“Rural youth are generally known to be low income earners, however, recognition of successful youth in agricbusiness, entrepreneurship and information technology could serve as a model for the majority of others who are yet to enter into start-up venture and open up doors for access to finance”, he added.
He applauded his development partners Nema, IFAD, ITC, YEP, NYC for the financial and logistical support in the successful organisation of the award.

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Speaking earlier, executive director National Youth Council, Lamin Darboe urged the youths to be self-reliant and called on donors as well as partners to redouble their efforts in supporting youths.
He reiterated that his office will work tirelessly to facilitate youth empowerment for active participation in national development.

“We will never surrender to support and encourage active youth participation in the process of development of policies”, he said.

“We will also work keenly with partners to facilitate the socioeconomic and cultural development of youth in the country and facilitate networking and exchange at national and international level,” he added.
He hailed GYIN and its partners for the great initiative.

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