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Homeless mother of 11 seeks help

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By Juldeh Njie

A homeless mother of 11 has made a plaintive call for government or philanthropists to go to her aid, as she continues to struggle to make ends meet for her 11 children.
The destitute mother, Binta Camara, walked into the offices of The Standard, visibly desperate, saying her children have been relying only on her “small garden” for their survival, for the past three years.
“My husband is sick and went to Dakar for treatment. Since then I have been responsible for the feeding, clothing and sheltering of my children, through my garden work.”

The 49-year-old gardener said she has now resorted to begging, to provide for her brood.
A sorry-looking Mrs Camara explained her predicament: “The landlord sent me out of the compound with my children because I could not afford to pay my rent, which amounts to D12,000, and I don’t want to commit adultery.”

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She also explained how her children often go to bed without daily meals.
“My biggest obstacle is that none of my children went to school, and you can imagine how hard it is for a mother to see her children lacking the basic necessity in life
“I’m suffering, and I called on the government, philanthropists and donors like Modou Turo Darboe to come to my help,” she said.

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