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Job Creation….

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It is heartening to read in the local newspapers and online media that you successfully held your first work retreat with the various ministers in the country. Indeed this is a step in the right direction. It is clear that the expectations are very high and that the citizens want to see results. Thus, having the first retreat will send a signal that the work is about to begin in earnest.

It is in line with this that I want to remind you, Mr President, that during the campaign period, the creation of jobs was one of the promises made by the Coalition leadership. This is why the youth of the country, who desperately need jobs, took ownership of the Coalition’s campaign and voted massively for you.

The problem of unemployment and the lack of job opportunities is the leading cause of the ‘back way’ menace. Added to that, is the increasing crime rate. The economic problems of the country and the unemployment crisis are interconnected and very complex, and are seemingly intractable. It is disheartening to observe hundreds, if not thousands, of Gambians perishing in the high seas on their way to Europe. But the scariest consequence of the lack of job opportunities is the proliferation of recruitment of young people into terrorist groups. This week, it came to light that a young Gambian joined the ISIS and was obviously radicalized and brainwashed.

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Mr President… the solutions to these problems are certainly not easy and simple. Like the problems, the solutions will also be complex. But here area few suggestions.

Firstly, I think our education system should be reviewed and revised to make sure that they create marketability. As at now, the system focuses almost only on passing exams. We see brilliant students come out with excellent results from senior school and even university; but are incapable of being effective in the job market. This means that there is something wrong with our system. Our system has to be such that it will produce people who can be productive and create self-employment after completing school.

The enabling environment for investment should also be provided. Work on a tax plan which will make the Gambia attractive to investors. Foreign investors consider security, the tax lavel and profits to put their money into a country. Let us attract them into our country so that our youth will find employment in our homeland. With this, their zeal to make money will not push them into the back way or crime or even terrorism.
Mr President, the largest employer in the Gambia is agriculture as majority of our people depend on it. Please, invest heavily on Agriculture so as to give the youth the impetus to involve themselves in this most important sector. The Ministry of Agriculture should revive this sector and make it attractive to the young. In this way, we will become food self-sufficient and thus, most of our problems will gradually vanish.

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Have a Good Day Mr President…

Tha Scribbler Bah
A Sovereign Citizen

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