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Kandeh: GDC not bothered by Coalition MoU

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By Omar Bah

The leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress has said that his party is not bothered with whether or not the much- talked about Coalition MoU on three-year transition was signed.
Kandeh, who is not part of the Coalition that forms the new government, was speaking at a news conference at the Baobab Resort Hotel yesterday.

“Whether they will step down or not, that is a decision for them to make but I know the GDC is more than ready to go for election at any given time,” he told local journalists.
He stressed that the Coalition members are all gentlemen who every Gambian has a great regard for, “and I hope they will act as gentlemen and not otherwise.”

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“As far as I am concern, I have nothing to do with their agreement, what I know and every Gambian knows is that whosoever stands as a candidate for the Coalition, stands as an independent candidate,” he said,
He added: “The agreement they signed was that particular person will serve for only three years and he/she will never stand for elections again.

”Darboe has all the right to say he didn’t sign or the UDP didn’t sign, but that is possible only if he owns the party alone. But if the party is owned by every Gambian, then the UDP had signed the agreement because President Barrow contested under a UDP ticket during the preliminaries.”

Kandeh said what Ousainou Darboe should do now is to appreciate the efforts of the Coalition members and thank them for bringing him out of prison.
Meanwhile, the GDC leader also took time to again accuse the Coalition government of not making any head way since they took over power.

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“These are the same people who were telling us the ground was not level for the opposition due to the draconian laws, but since they took over the only thing they are interested in is age-limit to satisfy Darboe and Tambajang,” he alleged.
The GDC leader also renewed his disapproval of the Ecomig soldiers’ activities in the country, saying confiscating logs from Gambian trucks is not part of their mandate in the country.

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