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Kassa Jatta demands government compensation

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By Omar Bah

Doudou Kassa Jatta, a prominent Bakau politician who alleged he was arrested 27 times by the Jammeh regime has demanded justice from the new government for alleged inhuman acts meted out to him by former President Jammeh regime.

Kassa who recently made a U-turn back to UDP after cross-carpeting to the GDC during the presidential election, also took time to demand compensation from the new government.
“I will like the government to compensate me for all the inhuman treatments I endured under Yahya Jammeh. If not I will sue them and demand justice,” he said.

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Mr. Jatta said he faced arrest on 27 occasions and was jailed at least 26 times for a month or so in many cases. “It was only on one occasion that I was released on the same day. On all other occasions, I was jailed for at least weeks or months”.

He said his ultimate goal is for Jammeh—who ruled for more than two decades—and his accomplices to be tried and punished for the atrocities they are alleged to have committed.
“I suffered a lot during that period, and while in exile my mother died in my absence. With all these things that he has done, Jammeh should not go free,” Kassa Jatta told The Standard.

Kassa further said his wife went to the extent of threatening to divorce him if he doesn’t abandon politics.
“Jammeh is gone but I am still not happy because my heart is broken that he was not arrested before he left the country. If you ask me the best thing I would love to see today I will tell ‘Jammeh coming-back to the country to face justice’.”

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He said Jammeh made a lot of Gambians suffer and that he shouldn’t have gone scot-free. “Justice first before any reconciliation,” he concluded.

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