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Ministers vow to recover ‘stolen billions’

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By Baba Sillah Ministers Mai Ahmed Fatty and Amadou Sanneh of Interior and Finance respectively have both promised to do everything possible to recover the alleged stolen properties taken by the exile former President Yahya Jammeh and his enablers. “My ministry will work with the Ministry of Finance to do everything and by all means necessary to recover the stolen properties of Gambia. I have earlier mentioned a certain amount of money taken from the government coffers and that is just a drop of water from the ocean,” said the Interior Minister, Mai Ahmed Fatty who was attended the press briefing at the Ministry of Finance on Monday called to disclose the startling discovery of alleged embezzlement by Jammeh. Amadou Sanneh the Minister of Finance postulated that as a new government it is their duty to enlighten the citizens about the challenges they are facing as a new government and it is based on that they found it necessary to inform the citizens so as to enable them to gauge their expectation of the new government. The finance minister began the conference by highlighting the numerous cash withdrawal and expenditures under the executive directive of the embattled former Gambian President noting that the act of the former President Yahya Jammeh and his enablers are betrayal to the people of The Gambia. “The government will take all actions to make sure all stolen properties are recovered and return to the state,” Minister Sanneh too assured. Finance Minister Sanneh further reiterated that enterprises have to cooperate with the government in this exercise. He however assured that the government will pay the salaries of the civil servants despite the current economic situation of the country. “Donors are also ready to support us in short term and through their support we will be able to get the economy back on the right track,” Minister Sanneh added.]]>

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