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New Chief warns Alkalolu against tribalism

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By Amadou M jadama

The new Chief of Kombo North in the West Coast Region has warned the Alkalolu to refrain from any form of tribalism, saying tribalism can only destroy what is already built in the country.
Momodou LK Bojang was speaking on Thursday, during his meeting with all the Alkalolu in Kombo North under his jurisdiction at a ceremony held at his residence in Sukuta.
The reason for the meeting is to acquaint himself with his Alkalolu and to discuss issues and recognize each other.

“I am not interested in tribalism because it cannot take this country anywhere. The Gambia is a one family state, belongs to all and therefore we should remain united and respect one another,” he said, adding that developing Kombo North and The Gambia up to the acceptable standard should be their primary objective.
According to Chief Bojang, this country cannot be develop if people are not united and stop seeing each other as rivals.

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“We the leaders must be honest first and the rest follow us, without that we will not move anywhere and we must accept criticism because if you lead people they must say something against you. God is the one who chooses the leader and if that happens, we all should accept and follow that person,” he advised.
Chief Bojang further reminded them that the trust and confidence bestowed on him by President Barrow is the same entrusted in the Alkalolu, while urging them to endeavor to maintain that trust and work together for the betterment of the country.

Kombo North Chief also cautioned his captains to be God-fearing and execute their duties with fairness and be truthful to each other. “When we do that, then will achieve what we want,” he said.
He added: “Land dispute is too much in courts and the root cause is the Alkalolu who fail in their duties and we have to eradicate it,” he added, saying some of the land dealers forge the stamps of the Alkalolu.
He warned them to control their stamps because it is their lives and can send them to jail. “Banjul, KMC and Kombo North are state lands; it is different from provincial lands. But inherited land owners are also there and the law gave power to those people,” he said, adding that if anybody wants land should go to the rightful owners.

“We are all under the law and the same law protects us. We the leaders, it is our duty to make sure that we solve this problem.”
The Alkalolu also thanked the new Chief for his good advice, while promising to work with him in his bid to solve some longstanding problems in the region.

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