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New NAM Gassama urges Gov’t to regulate social media

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By Amadou Jadama

The newly nominated member of the National Assembly Foday Gassama has urged government to act now to regulate social media in the country.
Speaking to The Standard, Gassama said the current abuse of social media is having a great negative impact on society.

“Social media played an important role in the change of government but today it is being abused. I think the government should act now to look into the issue like what China did to censor information disseminated via social media through technology,” he stated.
He went on: “I want to make it abundantly clear to the Gambian diaspora not to underestimate the importance of The Gambia as one big family.”

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Gassama added that Gambians must not pray for President Barrow to fail because doing so could mean wishing the country bad since his ambition is to see that the country succeeds.
“People are saying that Barrow betrayed us but he has not betrayed anyone. Unless he establishes his party, that is the time people should say that he betrayed us but I am sure it is Gambians who are going to betray Barrow not the other way round,” Gssama said.
He added: “We must not always blame him; this is a coalition government and therefore, every Coalition leader should take part when it comes to the development of the country but how many of them are supporting President Barrow? Only a few and some of them have distanced themselves from him and that is the reality on the ground.”

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