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Nyambai ward councilor bids farewell

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After almost five years in office and with the current term of area councils coming to an end, the councilor for Nyambai ward Pa Manneh has sent a farewell message to his electorate in an interview with The Standard.
Four years ago, the little known Mr Manneh contested the local government election as councilor for Nyambai ward on the then ruling APRC ticket and surprisingly won this traditionally very entrenched opposition stronghold.

Mr Manneh said the electorate of Nyambai ward at the time did not vote for a party but for a personality of their choice with the anticipation that he will deliver, given the competence they know and saw in him.
“But I would myself admit that I have not done as well as I wanted under those unfavorable circumstances even though I have done my level best. So if you talk about efforts, I will say yes I have made tremendous efforts to achieve success, and I owe it to my people,” he said.

Councilor Manneh paid tribute to his electorate in Nyambai for the understanding and trust he received during the past four years or so.
“I wish I could go round the whole ward to shake hands, hug or kiss to say bye-bye to each and every one of my electorate. But I am doing it in spirit through this medium,” he added.
Asked if that means he has quit politics, Manneh said: “My political life after this councillorship shall continue though and I would like to thank all.”

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