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Presidential appointments

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The latest appointment by His Excellency President Adama Barrow has drawn a lot of criticism. The president appointed Mr Musa Susso as adviser on youth. However, many have criticized this decision for various reasons. Many see him as the wrong person to appoint as a presidential adviser due to his past. The criticism is so widespread that government should not be seen to ignore it.

This can be avoided in the future. Firstly, for a short term solution, the president from henceforth could use the method of background checks before announcing the appointment of an individual to certain positions. If thorough checks are conducted on a prospective appointee, any skeletons in his/her closet will come out thus saving the president and his government the embarrassment of appointing someone who is either not fit or is morally bankrupt.

Had this been done perhaps there wouldn’t have been this brouhaha over the appointment of the adviser. This would have prevented the unfortunate view with which the government is being labeled at the moment. Government officials are supposed to be exemplary individuals with impeccable characters as they serve as ambassadors of the nation.

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On the long term perhaps the manner in which government officials are appointed should change. A system could be put in place where the president simply nominates and then the National Assembly will confirm the nominee. This will give them (the representatives) the opportunity to vet the individual and make sure that s/he is fit to be in that position. It could be debated as to which appointments should go through this process. It could be said for instance that all ministers, presidential advisers, judges and others of high position.

The government is here to serve the interest of the country. If therefore those it appoints are seen by the public as unworthy or unfit, it will make it that much difficult for them to fulfill their mandate.

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