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Sabally urges youths to be patriotic at graduation

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Former Presidential Affairs Minister and youth empowerment enthusiast Momodou Sabally has urged young people to be persistent in their quest for self-fulfilment and to also remain patriotic and support the development process of their country.

Quoting legendary American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, he told graduates at Soma to “be a good patriot! Be prepared to sacrifice and pay the price necessary for the future welfare of your country.”
In a speech that was delivered Sunday, July 16, 2017 during the graduation of 9th graders at Soma Upper Basic and Senior Secondary School in the Lower River Region of the country, Sabally went at length to advise graduates and other youths present:

“The story of my journey to Soma this morning is of essence in your own journey through life. My car broke down half way into the trip but I never used that as excuse to cancel my trip. I just flagged a passing car for a ride and proceeded, leaving my car behind which will be taken care of later because the mission I set off for had to be accomplished no matter what! The breakdowns and interruptions in life will show up when you least expect them. Get prepared and get ready to carry on with faith and persistence in spite of the inevitable obstacles that will surely come up along your journey of life.

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“Take responsibility for your life! Stop blaming people and circumstances for your failures and temporary defeats you will have to deal with.
“Be ready to make the necessary sacrifices needed for your success! Be persistent in your creative actions towards enduring success. And above all be patriotic; believe in your country and support its development no matter what.”

Speaking earlier, the school Principal advised students to take their education seriously and to never stop the search for knowledge. He advised graduates that their current stage in the educational journey was meant to be a transition, and not the end. The school SMC Chair, Lamin Kinteh, also implored the graduates and other students to be dedicated and determined in their efforts to gain knowledge. Citing the construction of a new building meant for use as a lab, he promised the students that his team and the people of Jarra in the diaspora have committed themselves to provide the best facilities in the school so that students would not have to go to the urban areas for further schooling due to lack of facilities.

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