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Sheriffo Sonko applies to run for UDP in Lower Baddibu

Sheriffo Sonko applies to run for UDP in Lower Baddibu

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Die-hard UDP stalwart and media coordinator, Sheriffo Sonko has said he intends to contest in

in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“I have already submitted my application to the UDP Constituency Committee in Lower Baddibu,” Mr Sonko confirmed to The Standard.  Sonko said when elected he will intend to implement a strong and well-calculated policy that will enhance skills building, community-level interventions as well as create an

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enabling environment for all with a focus on youth empowerment.

Sonko said he has over the years imitated development -driven ventures that he wishes to replicate in the area to improve the living conditions of the people of Lower Baddibu. “I have consulted with family and friends and I am encouraged by their support and sharing of common objectives,” he said.  

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