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‘UDP has no conflict with Barrow movement’

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By Omar Bah

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The United Democratic Party’s spokesman Almamy Fanding TaaI has said that the UDP has no problem with the President Barrow Youth Movement for National Development or any other movement that stands for national development.
“There is no argument or issue that the UDP has with the Barrow Youth Movement for National Development or any organisation that is out to develop this country,” he told journalists at the UDP Manjai Bureau yesterday.

“The United Democratic is in full and complete support of President Adama Barrow’s agenda,” he added.
He said UDP as a party is very focus on strengthening their grip nationwide.
“We have the majority and we are very grateful to the Gambian electorate. We are aware that there are competitors for these loyalties and we are trying as much as possible to give a message of transformation of this country, so that when the next election comes, we will be as successful as we have been if not even better,” he said.

He said the UDP has no position on the Barrow Youth Movement for National Development.
Mr Taal also said at party level they are not aware of any fracas between UDP organs in Baddibu and any organisation or movement.
“As far as we are concerned, UDP’s strength in the Baddibus is as it was in the last electoral cycle and as a party we are not going to condone any misbehavior whether you are a member or supporter of the party or speak in the name of the party,” he clarified.

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Darboe’s social media comments
Mr Taal said the Vice President’s recent comments directed on social media were not meant to silence or disregard the platform.
“His position is that social media has played a very crucial role to the struggle to destroy the dictatorship that was here and that is how it is like all over the world,” he clarified.


He added: “However, in democratic dispensation it is possible that even this useful tool can be abused for ends that are not going to help national development. But it is not the position of the party leader that social media is going to be abolished, banned or anything like that.”
“I think as an elder statesman, he has all the right to caution about tendencies and trends that are proving to be harmful…In a democracy people should respect the views of others,” he said.

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