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UDP slams Seedy Njie over reaction to UK MPs

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The United Democratic Party North Bank Region spokesperson has blasted NPP’s Seedy Njie over his response to the UK MPs who have critised President Barrow for breaking his promise as well as called for the implementation of the TRRC report.

Seedy Njie had said the MPs’ action was politically motivated and that they are being used.

 Reacting to this, UDP’s Karamo Njie reminded Seedy Njie that he is not the government spokesperson, which means he has no right or moral authority to make such “outrageous comments about the UK MPs who were merely expressing their freedom of speech.”

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“I want to call on Seedy Njie to shut his mouth because his statements bear no weight in the light of those very important personalities,” he said.

He said Gambians have thrown Seedy Njie into the dustbin since 2016.

“Therefore, people will never take anything he says seriously. Seedy should be cognisant of the fact that Gambians have not forgotten about what he did in 2016 during the political impasse. We will never forgive his irresponsible behavior that could have led to the death of many Gambians,” he said.

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Karamo warned President Barrow to be mindful of “sycophants like Seedy Njie who are not up to any good”.

“Barrow should be mindful of the impending and potential dangers that Seedy may cause him in his bid to return to State House,” Karamo added.

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